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1500 AD 9 9 Browse Search
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Carthage (Tunisia) 6 0 Browse Search
France (France) 6 0 Browse Search
Asculum (Italy) 6 0 Browse Search
1600 AD 5 5 Browse Search
Sicily (Italy) 4 0 Browse Search
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him in prison, pretending to gratify Cæsar in this way, as he had threatened any who should talk about making him king. Cæsar was well satisfied with their action. Some others who met him at the city gates as he was returning from some place greeted him as king, and when the people groaned, he said with happy readiness to those who had thus saluted him, "I am no king, I am Cæsar," as though they had mistaken his name. The attendants of Marullus B.C. 44 found out which man began the shouting and ordered the officers to bring him to trial before his tribunal. Cæsar was at last vexed and accused the faction of Marullus before the Senate of conspiring to make him odious by artfully accusing him of aiming at royalty. He added that they were deserving of death, but that it would be sufficient if they were deprived of their office and expelled from the Senate. Thus he confirmed the suspicion that he desired the t