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Agrigentum (Italy) (search for this): book 1, chapter 19
Fall of Agrigentum He saw that the Romans were reduced by disease Hanno tempts the Roman cavalry out and defeats them. and want, owing to an epidemic that had broken out among them, and he believed that his own forces were strong enough to give them battle: he accordingly collected his elephants, of which he had about fifty, and mans, having seized the hill called Torus, at a distance of about a mile and a quarter from their opponents. After two months, Hanno is forced to try to relieve Agrigentum, but is defeated in a pitched battle, and his army cut to pieces. For two months they remained in position without any decisive action, though skirmishes took pf holding out, made up his mind that this state of things afforded him a good opportunity of escape. Hannibal escapes by night; and the Romans enter and plunder Agrigentum.He started about midnight from the town with his mercenary troops, and having choked up the trenches with baskets stuffed full of chaff, led off his force in sa