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Demetrius Appeals Again to the Senate News having come to Rome of the disaster by which B. C. 162. The Senate pay little attention to Lysias's excuses. Gnaeus Octavius lost his life, ambassadors also arrived from king Antiochus, sent by Lysias, who vehemently protested that the king's friends had had no part in the crime. But the Senate showed scant attention to the envoys, not wishing to make any open declaration on the subject or to allow their opinion to become public in any way. But Demetrius was much excited by the news, and immediately summoned Polybius to an interview, andDemetrius thinks there is again a chance for him. Polybius advises, "act for yourself." consulted him as to whether he should once more bring his claims before the Senate. Polybius advised him "not to stumble twice on the same stone," but to depend upon himself and venture something worthy of a king; and he pointed out to him that the present state of affairs offered him many opportunities. Demetrius underst