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Athens (Greece) 46 0 Browse Search
Megara (Greece) 16 0 Browse Search
Boeotia (Greece) 16 0 Browse Search
Thrace (Greece) 8 0 Browse Search
Greece (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Thebes (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Aegina City (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Gela (Italy) 4 0 Browse Search
Ecbatana (Iran) 4 0 Browse Search
Attica (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
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Boeotia (Greece) (search for this): card 895
y for your market dues. And as to the rest, what do you wish to sell me? BOEOTIAN Why, everything. DICAEOPOLIS On what terms? For ready-money or in wares from these parts? BOEOTIAN I would take some Athenian produce, that we have not got in Boeotia. DICAEOPOLIS Phaleric anchovies, pottery? BOEOTIAN Anchovies, pottery? But these we have. I want produce that is wanting with us and that is plentiful here. DICAEOPOLIS Ah! I have the very thing; take away an Informer, packed up carefully alute had a bellows, made of dog-skin, much like the bagpipes of to-day. An informer. BOEOTIAN How small he is! DICAEOPOLIS But in his case the whole is one mass of ill-nature. NICARCHUS Whose are these goods? DICAEOPOLIS Mine; they come from Boeotia, I call Zeus to witness. NICARCHUS I denounce them as coming from an enemy's country. BOEOTIAN What! you declare war against birds? NICARCHUS And I am going to denounce you too. BOEOTIAN What harm have I done you? NICARCHUS I will say it fo