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Rome (Italy) 56 0 Browse Search
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Tibur (Italy) 14 0 Browse Search
Sabine (United States) 14 0 Browse Search
Troy (Turkey) 14 0 Browse Search
Mede (Italy) 12 0 Browse Search
Tanais (Russia) 10 0 Browse Search
Italy (Italy) 10 0 Browse Search
Carthage (Tunisia) 10 0 Browse Search
Cyprus (Cyprus) 8 0 Browse Search
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Sabine (United States) (search for this): book 1, poem 9
See, how it stands, one pile of snow, Soracte! 'neath the pressure yield Its groaning woods; the torrents' flow With clear sharp ice is all congeal'd. Heap high the logs, and melt the cold, Good Thaliarch; draw the wine we ask, That mellower vintage, four-year-old, From out the cellar'd Sabine cask. The future trust with Jove; when he Has still'd the warring tempests' roar On the vex'd deep, the cypress-tree And aged ash are rock'd no more. O, ask not what the morn will bring, But count as gain each day that chance May give you; sport in life's young spring, Nor scorn sweet love, nor merry dance, While years are green, while sullen eld Is distant. Now the walk, the game, The whisper'd talk at sunset held, Each in its hour, prefer their claim. Sweet too the laugh, whose feign'd alarm The hiding-place of beauty tells, The token, ravish'd from the arm Or finger, that but ill rebels.