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Ardea above v. 411. Crustumeri would seem to be the inhabitants of Crustumerium, the people being mentioned instead of the town on metrical grounds: they are however generally called Crustumini, and the place is sometimes called Crustumium, which would have suited the metre. For the questions about its origin see Dict. G. It was said to have been conquered by Romulus along with Antemnae and Caenina, all of which took up arms to avenge the rape of their women at the Consualia (Livy. 1. 9. foll.). There are similar questions about the origin of Antemnae (Dict. G.). Sil. 8. 365 calls it prisco Crustumio prior. It was so called from its position ante amnem, below the confluence of the Anio and Tiber.