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Nomentum, already mentioned 6. 773, where it is among the places afterwards to be built and named by Aeneas' posterity. It is disputed whether it was a Latin or Sabine town. The passage in Book 6 favours the former view, making it a colony from Alba. Rosea: the country in the valley of the river Velinus, about Reate, was called Rosei (or Roseae) Campi (according to Serv. ager Rosulanus): see Dict. G. Reate. For a story about its fertility see on G. 2. 201, 202. Pal. and Gud. have Roscia, and some inferior copies roscida: comp. Pliny 3. 12 (17), (Sabini) Velinos accolunt lacus, roscidis collibus.