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Eryx (Italy) 20 0 Browse Search
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d with stealthy slaughter, he crept near the followers of Messapus, where he saw their camp-fire dying down, and tethered steeds upon the meadow feeding. Nisus then knew the hot lust of slaughter had swept on too far, and cried, “Hold off! For, lo, the monitory dawn is nigh. Revenge has fed us to the full. We have achieved clean passage through the foe.” Full many a prize was left untaken: princely suits of mail enwrought with silver pure, huge drinking-bowls, and broideries fair. Yet grasped Euryalus the blazonry at Rhamnes' corselet hung, and belt adorned with gold: which were a gift to Remulus of Tibur from the store of opulent Caedicus, who sued from far to be a friend; and these in death he gave to his son's son, who slain in battle fell, and proud Rutulians seized them with the spoil. Euryalus about his shoulder strong this booty slung—unprofitable gain! — and fitted on a gorgeous, crested helm which once Messapus wore. So from the camp, escaping danger, the two champio