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Troy (Turkey) 80 0 Browse Search
Sunne (Sweden) 74 0 Browse Search
Persey (Tennessee, United States) 56 0 Browse Search
Phebus (Louisiana, United States) 34 0 Browse Search
Lyons (France) 32 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 32 0 Browse Search
Bacchus (Tennessee, United States) 30 0 Browse Search
Thessaly (Greece) 28 0 Browse Search
Cadmus (Ohio, United States) 28 0 Browse Search
Troy (Massachusetts, United States) 22 0 Browse Search
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Syre (Luxembourg) (search for this): book 8, card 799
aft I go abowt, As now a whyle no living Wyght uppon this levell sand (Myself excepted) neyther man nor woman heere did stand. Her maister did beleeve her words: and turning backward went His way beguyld: and streight to her her native shape was sent. But when her father did perceyve his daughter for to have A bodye so transformable, he oftentymes her gave For monny. But the damzell still escaped, now a Mare And now a Cow, and now a Bird, a Hart, a Hynd, or Hare, And ever fed her hungry Syre with undeserved fare. But after that the maladie had wasted all the meates As well of store as that which shee had purchast by her feates: Most cursed keytife as he was, with bighting hee did rend His flesh, and by diminishing his bodye did intend To feede his bodye, till that death did speede his fatall end. But what meene I to busye mee in forreine matters thus? To alter shapes within precinct is lawfull even to us, My Lords. For sumtime I am such as you do now mee see, Sumtyme I wynd me
Thessaly (Greece) (search for this): book 8, card 799
bolne big, and kneepannes for to swell. And with exceeding mighty knubs her heeles behynd boynd out. Now when the Nymph behild this elfe afarre, (she was in dout To come too neere her:) shee declarde her Ladies message. And In that same little whyle although the Nymph aloof did stand, And though shee were but newly come, yit seemed shee to feele The force of Famin. Wheruppon shee turning backe her wheele Did reyne her dragons up aloft: who streyght with courage free Conveyd her into Thessaly. Although that Famin bee Ay contrarye to Ceres woork, yit did shee then agree To do her will and glyding through the Ayre supported by The wynd, she found th'appoynted house: and entring by and by The caytifs chamber where he slept (it was in tyme of nyght) Shee hugged him betweene her armes there snorting bolt upryght, And breathing her into him, blew uppon his face and brest, That hungar in his emptie veynes myght woorke as hee did rest. And when she had accomplished her charge, shee then
In saving so She gave hir them. The Nymph mounts up, and flying thence as tho Alyghts in Scythy land, and up the cragged top of hye Mount Caucasus did cause hir Snakes with much adoo to stye. Where seeking long for Famin, shee the gaptoothd elfe did spye Amid a barreine stony feeld a ramping up the grasse With ougly nayles and chanking it. Her face pale colourd was. Hir heare was harsh and shirle, her eyes were sunken in her head. Her lyppes were hore with filth, her teeth were furd and rusty red. Her skinne was starched, and so sheere a man myght well espye The verie bowels in her bulk how every one did lye. And eke above her courbed loynes her withered hippes were seene. In stead of belly was a space where belly should have beene. Her brest did hang so sagging downe as that a man would weene That scarcely to her ridgebone had hir ribbes beene fastened well. Her leannesse made her joynts bolne big, and kneepannes for to swell. And with exceeding mighty knubs her heeles b