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Ceres (Italy) 16 0 Browse Search
Jupiter (Canada) 16 0 Browse Search
Phrygia (Turkey) 8 0 Browse Search
Hallo (Pennsylvania, United States) 4 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Horace (Ohio, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Scythia 2 0 Browse Search
Capua (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
Eleusis (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Bologna (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
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Jupiter (Canada) (search for this): act 4, scene 10
"writ," or "process," by which in action was commenced. against you, unless you make restitution. LYCONIDES Make restitution of what to you? EUCLIO What you've stolen of mine. LYCONIDES I, stolen of yours? Whence, or what is it? EUCLIO So shall Jupiter love you, how ignorant you are about it! LYCONIDES Unless, indeed, you tell me what you are enquiring for. EUCLIO The pot of gold, I say, I'm asking back of you, which you confessed to me that you had taken away. LYCONIDES By my faith, I've neitow who has taken it away, will you discover it to me? LYCONIDES I will do so. EUCLIO Nor accept of a share from him, whoever he is, for yourself, nor harbour the thief? LYCONIDES Even so. EUCLIO What if you deceive me? LYCONIDES Then may great Jupiter do unto me what he pleases. EUCLIO I'm satisfied. Come, then, say what you wish. LYCONIDES If you know me but imperfectly, of what family I'm born: Megadorus here is my uncle; Antimachus was my father; my name is Lyconides; Eunomia is my mother.
Ceres (Italy) (search for this): act 4, scene 10
I do beseech you, that what unawares I have done wrong towards yourself or your daughter, you will grant me pardon for the same, and give her for a wife to me, as the laws demand. I confess that I did violence to your daughter on the festival of Ceres, by reason of wine and the impulse of youth. EUCLIO Woe is me! What shocking deed do I hear of you? LYCONIDES Why do you exclaim? You whom I've made to be a grandfather now at the very wedding of your daughter. For your daughter has just been brought to bed in the ninth month after--calculate the numberCalculate the number: "Numeram cape." He probably means by this, "calculate the time" since the festival of Ceres, when this misfortone happened.; for that reason, in my behalf, has my uncle sent his refusal. Go in-doors; enquire whether it is so or not as I say. EUCLIO I'm undone utterly; so very many misfortunes unite themselves for my undoing. I'll go in-doors, that I may know what of this is true. He goes into his house. LYCONIDES