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Esop (Ohio, United States) 52 0 Browse Search
Grasshopper (Tennessee, United States) 6 0 Browse Search
The Owl (Maine, United States) 4 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Naples (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
Parnassus (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Cassandra (Pennsylvania, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Asia 2 0 Browse Search
Troy (Massachusetts, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Hebrus 2 0 Browse Search
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Esop (Ohio, United States) (search for this): book 1, poem 10
The Wolf and Fox, with the Ape for Judge Whoe'er by practice indiscreet Has pass'd for a notorious cheat, Will shortly find his credit fail, Though he speak truth, says Esop's tale. The Wolf the Fox for theft arraigned; The Fox her innocence maintained: The Ape, as umpire, takes his seat; Each pleads his cause with skill and heat. Then thus the Ape, with aspect grave, The sentence from the hustings gave: "For you, Sir Wolf, I do descry That all your losses are a lie- And you, with negatives so stout, 0 Fox! have stolen the goods no doubt."