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Esop (Ohio, United States) 52 0 Browse Search
Grasshopper (Tennessee, United States) 6 0 Browse Search
The Owl (Maine, United States) 4 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Naples (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
Parnassus (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Cassandra (Pennsylvania, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Asia 2 0 Browse Search
Troy (Massachusetts, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Hebrus 2 0 Browse Search
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Esop (Ohio, United States) (search for this): book 1, poem 6
The Frogs and Sun When Esop saw, with inward grief, The nuptials of a neighboring thief, He thus his narrative begun: Of old 'twas rumor'd that the Sun Would take a wife: with hideous cries The quer'lous Frogs alarm'd the skies. Moved at their murmurs, Jove inquired What was the thing that they desired? When thus a tenant of the lake, In terror, for his brethren spake: "Ev'n now one Sun too much is found, And dries up all the pools around, Till we thy creatures perish here; But oh, how dreadfully severe, Should he at length be made a sire, And propagate a race of fire !"