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Parnassus (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
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Asia 2 0 Browse Search
Troy (Massachusetts, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Hebrus 2 0 Browse Search
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The Shipwreck of Simonides A man, whose learned worth is known, Has always riches of his own. Simonides, who was the head Of lyric bards, yet wrote for bread, His circuit took through every town In Asia of the first renown, The praise of heroes to rehearse, Who gave him money for his verse. When by this trade much wealth was earn'd, Homewards by shipping he return'd (A Cean born, as some suppose): On board he went, a tempest rose, Which shook th' old ship to that degree, She founder'd soon as out at sea. Some purses, some their jewels tie About them for a sure supply; But one more curious, ask'd the seer, "Poet, have you got nothing here ?" "My all," says he, "is what I am."- On this some few for safety swam (For most o'erburden'd by their goods, Were smother'd in the whelming floods). The spoilers came, the wealth demand, And leave them naked on the strand. It happen'd for the shipwreck'd crew An ancient city was in view, By name Clazomena, in which There lived a scholar learned and