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ome timeB.C. 304 before to act as secretary, having been already a tribune, and on two occasions a triumvir, once on the commission which had charge of the night —watch,These were commonly called tresviri capitales, and were police commissioners, who besides the duty referred to in the text, were charged with assisting the magistrates who had criminal jurisdiction, and particularly with executing sentences of death. Liv. per. xi. would indicate that the office was not introduced until about 289 B.C. and again on one appointed to found a colony. at all events there is no difference of opinion about the stubbornness of his contention with the nobles, who despised his lowly birth. he published the formulae of the civil law, which had been filed away in the secret archives of the pontiffs, and posted up the calendar on white notice —boards about the Forum, that men might know when they could bring an action. he dedicated a temple of Concord in the precinct of Vulcan, grea