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Egypt (Egypt) (search for this): narrative 279
efore him, and with his drawen sword making a lane, and slaying the Turkes on his right hande and on his left, delivered out of that danger, and escaped through the midst of his enemies campe. But upon his happie successe being more eager and fierce, as hee went forward somewhat too hastily, his sworde fell out of his hand. Which as he stouped to take up, being oppressed with the whole multitude, hee was there taken and bound. From whence (as some say) being carried unto Babylon or Alcair in Egypt , when he would not renounce Christ, he was tyed unto a stake in the midst of the market place, and being shot through with arrowes, died a martyr. Edgar having lost his knight returned, and being honoured with many rewards both by the Greekish and by the Germaine Emperour (who both of them would right gladly have entertained him stil for his great nobilitie) contemned all things in respect of his native soile. For in very deede some are so inveagled with the love of their countrey, that noth