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, or levant streame. Some such current may not be denied to be of great force in the hot Zone, for the neerenesse thereof unto the centre of the Sunne, and blustring Easterne windes violently driving the seas Westward: howbeit, in the temperate climes, the Sunne being further off, & the windes more divers, blowing as much from the North, the West and South, as from the East, this rule doeth not effectually withholde us from travailing Eastward, neither be we kept ever backe by the aforesaid Levant windes and streame. But in Magellans streight wee are violently driven backe Westward: Ergo, through the Northwesterne straight or Anian frette shall we not be able to returne Eastward? It followeth not. The first, for that the northwesterne straight hath more sea roome at the least by one hundreth English myles, then Magellans frette hath, the onely want whereof causeth all narrow passages generally to be most violent. So would I say in the Anian gulfe, if it were so narrow as Don Diego an
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