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Colmogro (Russia) (search for this): narrative 72
aboord to take fish with, that such fish so taken may bee eaten for the cause aforesayd : and if there bee no such engines aboord, then to provide some before you goe from hence. 8 And when God shall send you in safetie into the Bay of S. Nicholas at an anker, you shall goe a shore with the first boate that shall depart from the ship, taking with you such letters as you have to deliver to the Agent there: and if he be not there at your comming a land, then send the companies letters to Colmogro to him by some sure mariner or otherwise, as the master and you shall thinke best, but goe not your selfe at any hand, nor yet from aboord the ship, unlesse it bee a shore to treate with the Agent for the lading of the ship that you be appointed in, which you shall applie diligently to have done so speedily as may be. And for the discharging of the goods therein in the Bay, to be carried from thence, see that you doe looke well to the unlading thereof, that there be none other goods sent a
Argos (Greece) (search for this): narrative 72
ay, to learne and know what bargaining, buying and selling there is with the master and the mariners of the shippe and the Russes, or with the companies servants there: and that which you shall perceive and learne, you shall keepe a note thereof in your booke secretly to your selfe, which you shall open and disclose at your comming home to the governours and assistants, in such sorte as the trueth of their secret trades and occupyings may be revealed and knowen. You shal need alwayes to have Argos eyes, to spie their secret packing and conveyance, aswell on land as aboord the shippe, of and for such furres and other commodities, as yeerely they doe use to buy, packe and convey hither. If you will bee vigilant and secrete in this article, you cannot misse to spie their privie packing one with another, either on shore or aboord the shippe: worke herein wisely, and you shall deserve great thanks of the whole company. 10 Also at the lading againe of the shippe, you shall continue and
Russia (Russia) (search for this): narrative 72
Certaine instructions delivered in the third voyage, Anno 1556. for Russia , to every Purser and the rest of the servants, taken for the voyage, which may serve as good and necessary directions, to all other like adven turers. I FIRST you shall h letters as you have received of any person or persons privately or openly, to be delivered to any person or persons in Russia or elsewhere, and also to declare if you know any other that shall passe in the ship either master or mariner that hath ceived any privie letters to be delivered, you shal all that in you lieth, let the deliverie of them at your arriving in Russia : and also if you have or do receive, or shal know any other that doth or hath received any goods or ready money to be imployed in Russia , or to bee delivered there to any person or persons from any person or persons, other then such as bee the companies goods, and that under their marke, you shall before the ship doeth depart, declare the same truely to the sayd A
Certaine instructions delivered in the third voyage, Anno 1556. for Russia , to every Purser and the rest of the servants, taken for the voyage, which may serve as good and necessary directions, to all other like adven turers. I FIRST you shall before the ship doth begin to lade, goe aboord, and shall there take, and write one inventorie, by the advise of the Master, or of some other principall officer there aboord, of all the tackle, apparell, cables, ankers, ordinance, chambers, shot, powder, artillerie, and of all other necessaries whatsoever doth belong to the sayd ship: and the same justly taken, you shall write in a booke, making the sayd Master, or such officer privie of that which you haveso written, so that the same may not be denied, when they shall call accompt thereof: that done, you shall write a copie of the same with your owne hand, which you shall deliver before the shippe shall depart, for the voyage to the companies booke keeper here to be kept to their behalfe, t