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ecial favor of the gods, which it would be presumptuous to arrogate to one's self (hence timide), although Sulla had done so by assuming the cognomen Felix (see Rosc. Am., sect. 12, p. 6, l. 7, and note). Maximo: Quintus Fabius Maximus, "the shield of Rome"; Marcello: Marcus Claudius Marcellus, "the sword of Rome," both distinguished in the Second Punic War. Scipioni: either Africanus the elder, or Aemilianus; from sect. 60 it might appear to be the latter. Mario: Caius Marius, who vanquished Jugurtha, subdued the Cimbri and Teutones, and afterwards (B.C. 88) engaged in civil war with Sulla. saepius, repeatedly: Marius was consul seven times. fuit (emphatic), there really has been; ยง 598, d (2) (344, d, 2). hac moderatione: a shorthand expression for hoc modo moderato, in which moderato would refer merely to the result clause ut videamur. non ut (not to be confounded with ut non), etc., i.e. not of such a kind as to say, etc., but such, etc. invisa: because presumptuous.