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CAMPUS AGRIPPAE a section of the campus Martius laid out as a sort of park by Agrippa, and finished and dedicated by Augustus in 7 B.C. (Cass. Dio lv. 8; Not. Reg. VII; Chron. p. 148). It was a favourite promenade of the Romans (Gell. xiv. 5. 1) extending from about the line of the aqua Virgo on the south at least as far as the present via S. Claudio on the north, and from the via Lata towards the slope of the Quirinal, although its boundaries on the east are uncertain. The PORTICUS VIPSANIA was built on the west side of the campus, along the via Lata. The identification of this campus with the a)/llo pedi/on of Strabo (v. 236) seems inadmissible (cf. Eranos, 1923, 53, where it is further identified with CAMPUS MINOR, the correlative 'maior' being the campus Martius proper, alluded to as circus Flaminius-the name later given to the ninth Augustan region-by Catullus).