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200 AD - 299 AD (search for this): entry honos-aedes
HONOS, AEDES the oldest temple of Honos in Rome, just outside the porta Collina, dating from republican times but probably not earlier than the third century. All that is known of it is stated by Cicero (de leg. ii. 58: nostis extra portam Collinam aedem Honoris: aram in eo loco fuisse proditum est. Ad eam cum lamina esset inventa et in ea scriptura DOMINA HONORIS, ea causa fuit huius aedis dedicandae. Sed cum multa in eo loco sepulcra fuissent, exarata sunt; statuit enim collegium locum publicum non potuisse privata religione teneri The text is as given by Hiilsen: Vahlen reads 'memoriae proditum est; in ea scriptum lamina HONORIS; dedicare; obligari (for teneri).' , but an archaic inscription (CIL vi. 3692=30913:=i2. 31 ; ILS 3794. M (?) Bicoleio V. l. Honore donum dede(t) mereto), found under the east wing of the Ministero delle Finanze, probably belongs to it, and had not been removed from its original site. A dedication to Virtus (CIL vi. 31061) may also have been set up