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IUPPITER CONSERVATOR, SACELLUM a shrine built by Domitian on the Capitoline, on the site of the house of the porter who had rescued him when the Vitellians stormed the Capitol in 69 A.D. (Tac. Hist. iii. 74). This sacellum contained a marble altar with reliefs representing the rescue, and was built while Vespasian was still emperor. After Domitian became emperor, he erected a large temple to Iuppiter Custos which may have replaced the earlier shrine (Tac. loc. cit. templum; Suet. Dom. 5 aedes). In it was a statue of the deity holding the emperor himself in his arms (Jord. i. 2. 50; Rosch. ii. 749; Rodocanachi, Capitole 41). The temple may be represented in a relief of the period of M. Aurelius, now in the Palazzo dei Conservatori (Cons. Cat. Scala ii. 7; PBS iii. 265); and in a relief on the arch of Trajan at Benevento (OJ 1899, 179; SScR 194); and the concrete foundation in the Via di Monte Tarpeo may belong to it (ZA 29; but see JUPITER TONANS, TEMPLUM; Hiilsen in Festschr. f.