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PUDICITIA PLEBEIA, SACELLUM (ara): a shrine and altar which a certain Virginia, of patrician birth, who had married a plebeian consul, L. Volumnius, is said to have dedicated in 296 B.C. in a part of her house in the vicus Longus on the Quirinal, after she had been excluded from the worship of PUDICITIA PATRICIA (q.v.) in the forum Boarium (Liv. x. 23. 6-io; Fest. 236, 237). This cult, becoming polluted, postremo in oblivionem venit (Liv. loc. cit.), but that the altar continued to stand seems to be indicated by a passage in Juvenal (vi. 308: Pudicitiae veterem cum praeterit aram), where the context can hardly permit a reference to the forum Boarium (HJ 417-418; Rosch. iii. 3275).