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VEIOVIS, AEDES, IN CAPITOLIO Livy states (xxxv. 41. 8): aedes duae Iovi eo anno (192 B.C.) in Capitolio dedicatae sunt. Voverat L. Furius Purpurio praetor Gallico bello unam, alteram consul: dedicavit Q. Marcius Ralla duumvir-a statement so improbable that it is generally assumed that the reading of the source-aedes Vediovi .. .dedicata- became in Livy's text aedes duae Iovis... dedicatae, and that this error was accompanied by another which attributed the foundation of two temples in Capitolio to Purpurio, the AEDES IN INSULA (q.v.) and the AEDES INTER DUOS LUCOS (q.v.), which on the authority of this passage was vowed by Purpurio in 198 and dedicated by Ralla in 192. All the attempts hitherto made to reconcile Livy's statements involve a more or less drastic treatment, and the question of the temples of Vediovis in Rome cannot be determined until further evidence has been produced (see Jord. Comm. in hon. Momms. 359-365; Top. i. 2. 47, 111-112; Gilb. iii. 82-84; Mommsen, CIL i².