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tion with the prodigium of a shower of blood (Liv. xxxix. 46; xl. 19. 2). On 23rd August, the Volcanalia sacrifice was offered here to Vulcan (Fast. Arv. ad Kal. Aug., CIL p. i'. 215), as is indicated by the entry in Fast. Ant. ap. NS 1921, IO9, under this date M[aiae s]upr(a) comi(tium); cf. Gilb. i. 248-257 for the worship of Maia here; and we are told that live fish were also brought to the area Volcani to be offered up to the god (Fest. 238). A pedestal dedicated to Vulcan by Augustus in 9 B.C. has been found near S. Adriano (CIL vi. 457), showing that the cult lasted at least down to the early empire, although the Volcanal must have been diminished in size by the encroachment of surrounding buildings, and perhaps entirely covered at last (Jord. i. 2. 339-341; Gilb. loc. cit.; Mitt. 1893, 87-88). Just behind the arch of Severus some early tufa foundations have been found which probably belonged to the Volcanal, and traces of a sort of rock platform, 3.95 metres long by 2.80 wide,