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o about 514 B. C. In the early part of his reign he was driven from Cyrene in an attempt to recover the ancient royal privileges, and, taking refuge in Samos, returned with a number of auxiliaries, whom he had attached to his cause by the promise of a new division of lands. With their aid he regained the throne; on which, besides taking the most cruel vengeance on his enemies, he endeavoured further to strengthen himself by making submission to Cambyses, and stipulating to pay him tribute, B. C. 525. (Hdt. 4.162-165, comp. 3.13, 91, 2.181.) Terrified, however, according to Herodotus (4.164), at the discovery that he had subjected himself to the woe denounced against him, under certain conditions, by an obscure oracle (comp. 4.163), or, more probably, being driven out by his subjects, who were exasperated at his submission to the Persians (see 4.165, ad fin.), he fled to Alazir, king of Barca, whose daughter he had married, and was there slain, together with his father-in-law, by the B