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Ju'nia 3. Junia Tertia, or TERTULLA, own sister of the preceding, and consequently half-sister of M. Brutus. The enemies of the dictator, Caesar, spread abroad the report that her mother, Servilia, had introduced her to Caesar's favour, when she herself became advanced in years. Tertia was the wife of C. Cassius, one of Caesar's murderers; but she survived her husband a long while, for she did not die till the sixty-fourth year after the battle of Philippi, A. D. 22, under the reign of Tiberius. Her property was very large; but though she left legacies to almost all the great men of Rome, she passed over the emperor Tiberius. He did not, however, resent the slight, but allowed her funeral to be celebrated with all the usual honours: the ancestral images of twenty illustrious houses were carried before her bier; "but Cassius and Brutus," says the historian, "shone before all the others, from the fact that their statues were not seen." (Suet. Cues. 50; Macr. 2.2; Cic. Att. 14.20, 15.11