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William T. Sherman 848 2 Browse Search
Fitzhugh Lee 615 1 Browse Search
Charleston (South Carolina, United States) 439 1 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 392 0 Browse Search
Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States) 374 0 Browse Search
George G. Meade 374 2 Browse Search
Joseph Hooker 371 1 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 355 1 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 344 2 Browse Search
Braxton Bragg 343 1 Browse Search
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Kanawha (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
oyd, John B., secret treachery of, 1.45; national arms transferred to the South by, 1.121; implicated in the Indian Trust Fund robbery, 1.144; his flight to Rich, mond, 1.146; flight of after the battle of Carnife<*> Ferry, 2.97; flight of from New River, 2.102; in command at Fort Donelson, 2.210; flight of under cover of night, 2.219. Folly Island, batteries erected on by Vogdes, 3.201. Foote, Commodore Andrew H., flotilla under the command of, 2.198; operations of on the Cumberland Rivefairs in, 2.346-2.352; policy of Gen. Banks in, 2.592; threatened by Gen. Dick Taylor, 3.220; visit of the author to, 3.524. New Orleans forts, bombardment of by Farragut and Porter, 2.330-2.337. Newport Newce, fortification of, 1.501. New River, Floyd driven from his position on, 2.101. Newtonia, Mo., battles at, 2.533, and 3.280. New Year's Day in Washington, 1861, 1.151. New York, action of representatives from on the withdrawal of South Carolina members of Congress, 1.141;
Holland (Netherlands) (search for this): chapter 23
election of Lincoln, 1.49; secession convention assembled at, 1.100; Sherman at, 3.460; the burning of, 3.461. Columbia, Ark., defeat of Marmaduke near, by Gen. A. J. Smith, 3.269. Columbia, Indiana, sacked by Morgan, 3.92. Columbus, Ga., capture of by Gen. Wilson, 3.519. Columbus, Ky., occupation of by Gen. Polk, 2.74; evacuation of by Polk's troops, 2.235. Colyer, Vincent, philanthropic efforts of at New Berne, 2.308. Commissioners, Confederate, sent to England, France, Holland and Belgium, 1.260; sent to Washington, 1.300; not recognized by Mr. Seward, 1.301; final letter of in reply to Mr. Seward's memorandum, 1.303. Commissioners, South Carolina, sent to Washington, 1.147; their correspondence with the President, 1.148; their return to Charleston, 1.152. Commissioners, Virginia, reply of Lincoln to, 1.376. Committee of Safety, appointed by the Texas secession convention, 1.188. Committee of Thirteen, in the Senate, action of, 1.221. Committee of
Jefferson City (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
oclaims martial law in St. Louis, 2.62; his confiscation and emancipation proclamation, 2.64; modifies it by order of the President, 2.65; why he did not re-enforce Mulligan at Lexington, 2.70; moves with a large force against Price, 2.71; at Jefferson City, 2.78; his pursuit of Price, 2.79; at Springfield, 2.81; superseded by Hunter, 2.83; ovation to at St. Louis, 2.84; assigned to the Mountain Department, II 359; with Blenker's division, 2.371; at Strasburg, 2.395. French, Gen., at the batt, 3.31. Jacksonville, abandoned by the Confederates, 2.321. James Island, defeat of Gen. Benham at, 3.187; Gen. Terry's movement against, 3.201; battle on, 3.203. James River, crossed by the Army of the Potomac under Grant, 3.333. Jefferson City, proceedings of the loyal convention at, 2.55; threatened by Price in 1864, 3.278. Jeffersonton, defeat of Gregg at, 3.103. Jenkins, Gen., raid of to Chambersburg and Hagerstown, 3.53. Jenkinson's Ferry, Ark., battle of, 3.272. Jo
Clark (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
raid of through Tennessee into Kentucky, 3.248; his capture of and massacre at Fort Pillow, 3.244-3.246; defeated at Tupelo by Gen. A. J. Smith, 3.248; his dash into Memphis, 3.248; repulsed by Gen. Rousseau at Pulaski, 3.416. Fortifications in Charleston harbor, description of, 1.117; anxiety of conspirators respecting, 1.120. Fort Anderson, capture of, 3.492. Fort Barlow, capture of, 2.173. Fort Beauregard, capture of, 2.120. Fort Blunt, Confederates repulsed at, 3.213. Fort Clark, capture of, 2.108. Fort Clinch, found abandoned by Dupont, 2.820. Fort de Russy, capture of, 3.254. Fort Donelson, siege of, 2.206-2.219; battle of, 2.215; surrender of, 2.220; effect of the fall of at home and abroad, 2.222; the author's visit to in 1866, 2.226; attempt of Wheeler to recapture, 3.116. Fort Fisher, expedition against under Gens. Butler and Weitzel and Admiral Porter, 3.476-3.481; second and( successful expedition against, 3.484-3.489; visit of the author to in
Millen (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
Dec. 3, 1860, 1.64; unsatisfactory to all parties, 1.73; popular disappointment excited by, 1.74. Message of President Buchanan, of Jan. 8, 1861, 1.218. Mexico, invasion of by the French, 3.47. Michigan, attitude of in relation to secession, 1.212. Middletown, battle of, 3.371. miles, Col. D. H., bad conduct of at the battle of Bull's Run, 1.606; his surrender of Harper's Ferry, and death. 2.473. Militia, seventy-five thousand called for to suppress the rebellion, 1.336. Millen, Ga., arrival of Sherman's forces at, 3.410. Milliken's Bend, battle at, 2.623. Mill Spring, Ky., battle of, 2.194. Milroy, Gen., operations of in Western Virginia, 2.103; compelled to evacuate Winchester, by Ewell, 3.51. Mine at Petersburg, explosion of, 3.351; its disastrous failure, 3.353. Mine Run, Meade's movement against Lee at, 3.108; the retreat of the Nationals from, 3.111. Mines, explosion of at Vicksburg, 2.625. Ministers, American, abroad, instructions to, 1.
Hartsville (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
reoccupied by Gen. Sumner, 2.483; garrison of withdrawn to Maryland Heights, 3.51; reoccupation of by Gen. French, 3.75. Harris, Gov. I. G., disloyal action of in Tennessee, 1.199; flight of from Nashville, 2.231. Harrisburg, Gen. Banks at, 2.390; approach of Confederate troops to, 3.53. Harrisonburg, skirmish near, 2.395. Harrison's Landing, Army of the Potomac at, 2.435; visit of President Lincoln to, 2.442. Hart, Peter, accompanies Mrs. Anderson to Fort Sumter, 1.138. Hartsville, b<*>e of, 2.541; repulse of Marmaduke at, 3.212. Hatchee River, battle of, 2.523. Hatcher's Run, extension of Grant's line to, 3.535. Hatteras Inlet, expedition against the forts at, 2.106; the Burnside expedition at, 2.168. Hatteras Island, sufferings of the Twentieth Indiana regiment on, 2.109. Havana, reception of Mason and Slidell at, 2.154. Hawes, Richard, made provisional governor of Kentucky by Bragg and Kirby Smith, 2.507. Hayne, Mr., Commissioner to Washingto
Mount Nebo (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
Cane River, battle at, 3.265. Cape Fear River, British blockade runners in, 3.315: capture of Forts on, 3.489. Cape Girardeau, Marmaduke's attempt on, 3.213. Capitol at Washington, proposition to blow up with gunpowder, 1.523. Carnifex Ferry, battle of, 2.95. Carrick's Ford, battle of, 1.535. Carthage, Mo., battle near, 2.43. Casey, Gen., Silas, at Seven Pines, 2.408. Cass, Gen., Lewis, letter of Gen. Wool to, 1.76; his resignation as Secretary of State, 1.77; the re- Creek, 2.54. Romney, battle near, 2.103. Romney Bridge, skirmish at, 1.518. Rosecrans, Gen. W. S., operations of in Western Virginia, 1.532; succeeds McClellan in command of the army in Western Virginia, 2.23; moves against Floyd at Carnifex Ferry, 2.94; operations of against Lee and Floyd, 2.101; relieves Buell after the battle of Perryville, 2.511; .his defense of Corinth against Price and Van Dorn, 2.523; his Murfreesboroa campaign, 2.539-2.552; operations of to the battle of Chicka
Fort Jackson (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
isit to in 1866, 2.226; attempt of Wheeler to recapture, 3.116. Fort Fisher, expedition against under Gens. Butler and Weitzel and Admiral Porter, 3.476-3.481; second and( successful expedition against, 3.484-3.489; visit of the author to in 1866, 3.481. Fort Gaines, seizure of, 1.175; recapture of, 3.443. Fort Hatteras, capture of, 2.108. Fort Henry, operations of Grant and Foote against, 2.200-2.202; battle of, 2.203; capture of, 2.205. Fort Hindman, capture of, 2.581. Fort Jackson, surrender of to Captain Porter, 2.339. Fort Jefferson, re-enforcements thrown into, 1.363. Fort McAllister, bombardment of by Dupont, 3.190; capture of by Gen. Hazen, 3.412. Fort Macon, capture of, 2.312; visit of the author to in 1864, 2.313. Fort Marion, capture of, 2.322. Fort Morgan, seizure of by State troops, 1.174; sur; render of to Farragut, 2.443. Fort Moultrie, description of, 1.117; garrisons of transferred to Fort Sumter by Major Anderson, 1.129; seizure of
Drywood Creek (Wisconsin, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
nville, bombardment of, 2.528. Doubleday, Gen., at the battle of Gettysburg, 3.61. Douglas, Stephen A., nomination of for the Presidency, 1.27; last days of, 1.457. Draft of May 8, 1863, opposition organized against, 3.83; active resistance to, 3.86; suspended in New York, 3.90. Draft Riots in New York, 3.88-3.91. Drainsville, battle near, 2.151. Drewry's Bluff, unsuccessful naval attack on, 2.409; Gen. Butler's attempt on, 3.321. Droop Mountain, battle at, 3.113. Drywood Creek, Mo., skirmish at, 2.66. Dublin Station, Va., battle near, 3.315. Dug Springs, battle at, 2.46. Duke of Chartres, on McClellan's staff, 2.131. Dupont, Admiral S. F., commands the naval force in the Port Royal expedition, 2.115; operations of on the coast of Florida, 2.320; operations of against the defenses of Charleston, 3.192-3.197. Dutch Gap, Confederate naval attack on obstructions at, 3.531. Dutch Gap Canal, construction of, 3.357. Duval's Bluff, capture of, 2.5
Wilmington, N. C. (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 23
ss, battle of the, 3.298-3.303; visit of the author to the battle-field of the, 3.811. Wilkes, Captain, Charles, his seizure of Mason and Slidell on the Trent, 2.154; his action approved by the Secretary of the Navy and by Congress, 2.156; President Lincoln's opinion, 2.156; English press on the conduct of, 2.158. William Aikin, revenue cutter, surrendered to Charleston insurgents, 1.138. Williamsburg, battle of, 2.379. Williams, Gen., killed at battle of Baton Rouge, 2.529. Wilmington, military and naval operations against, 3.473-3.480, 484-492. Wilson, Gen., his expedition through Alabama and into Georgia, 3.514-3.521. Wilson's Creek, Mo., battle of, 2.49. Winan's Steam Gun, i. 440. Winchester, skirmish at between troops of Jackson and Shields, 2.369; battle at, and Banks's retreat from, 2.393; Gen. Milroy compelled to evacuate by Ewell, 3.51; battle of, 3.365; defeat of Gen. Crook by Early near, 3.348. Winder, Gen. John H., Confederate commissary-genera
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