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Tipton, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
ope Church, Ga. 1 Place unknown 1 Present, also, at Athens, Mo.; Siege of Corinth, Miss.; Chulahoma, Miss.; Holly Springs, Miss.; Ezra Chapel, Ga.; Jonesboro, Ga.; East Point, Ga.; Coosaw River, S. C.; Savannah, Ga. notes.--Organized at Burlington, Iowa, July 17, 1861, moving to Keokuk on August 2d, and to St. Louis on the 19th. In October it participated in Fremont's Missouri campaign against Price, and during the winter of 1861-2, the regiment guarded the railroad from Sedalia to Tipton. In March, 1862, it moved to Pittsburg Landing, where it was assigned to Sherman's Division, Colonel McDowell being placed in command of the brigade. The battle of Shiloh occurred soon after, in which the regiment was commanded by Captain John Williams, its casualties in that battle amounting to 52 killed, 94 wounded, and 37 missing; a total of 183, out of less than 650 engaged. The Sixth continued in Sherman's Division during the Siege of Corinth, after which McDowell's Brigade moved to
Shepherdsville (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
  10 10 95   H   11 11   9 9 85   I 1 12 13   9 9 91   K   10 10   11 11 94 Totals 9 128 137 1 113 114 952 137 killed==14.3 per cent. Total killed and wounded. 516; died in Confederate prisons (previously included), 10. battles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. Chaplin Hills, Ky. 82 Resaca, Ga. 6 Stone's River, Tenn. 14 New Hope Church, Ga. 3 In Action, May 16, 1863 1 Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. 5 Tullahoma, Tenn. 1 Atlanta, Ga. 6 Hoover's Gap, Tenn. 1 Shepherdsville, Ky. (Guerrillas) 1 Chickamauga, Ga. 14 Lebanon Junction, Ky. (Guerrillas) 3 Present, also, at Missionary Ridge; Buzzard Roost; Peach Tree Creek; Jonesboro. notes.--Mustered — in December 14, 1861, and ordered immediately to the Army of the Cumberland, where it was assigned to General O. M. Mitchel's Division. In the summer of 1862, Mitchel's troops marched through Kentucky and Tennessee to Huntsville, Ala.; thence, with Buell's Army, on the campaign incidental to the purs
Worthington (Ohio, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
n. 65 Kenesaw Assault, Ga. 16 Black River, Miss. 1 Atlanta, Ga., July 22d 8 Jackson, Miss. 2 Siege of Atlanta, Ga. 10 Missionary Ridge, Tenn. 9 Jonesboro, Ga. 6 Guerrillas, Tenn., Dec. 11, 1863 1 Lovejoy's Station, Ga. 3 Resaca, Ga. 1 Cedar Bluff, Ga. 2 Dallas, Ga. 2 Sherman's March 1 Noonday Creek, Ga. 2 Bentonville, N. C. 5 Present, also, at Siege of Corinth; Vicksburg; Knoxville; Griswoldville, Ga.; Siege of Savannah; The Carolinas. notes.--Recruited at Worthington, Ohio, in September, 1861. It left Camp Chase, February 18, 1862, and proceeded to Paducah, Ky., where it was assigned to Sherman's Division. In March it embarked for Pittsburg Landing, encamping there until the battle of Shiloh, in which it lost 37 killed, 185 wounded, and 24 missing; total, 246. After taking part in the siege of Corinth the regiment spent the ensuing twelve months of 1862-63 in doing guard duty along the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, and on provost duty in Memphis; i
Yellow Tavern (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
, Va., Aug. 25, 1864 3 Shepherdstown, Va., July 16, 1863 9 Yellow Tavern, Va., Sept. 29, 1864 1 Manassas, Va., Oct. 15, 1863 1 Boydton R64 10 Skirmish, Oct. 6, 1864 1 Rappahannock, Aug. 22, 1862 2 Yellow Tavern, May 11, 1864 3 Columbia Furnace, Oct. 7, 1864 7 Ashby's Gap Market, Va. 3 Spotsylvania, Va. 2 Port Republic, Va. 1 Yellow Tavern, Va. 2 Newtown, Va. 5 Hungary, Va. 2 Cedar Creek, Va. 2 Old , Va., March 15, 1865 1 Beverly Ford, Va., June 9, 1863 17 Yellow Tavern, Va., May 11, 1864 1 Five Forks, Va., April 1, 1865 6 Gettysbureek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864 7 Brentsville, Va., Jan. 9, 1863 3 Yellow Tavern, Va., May 11, 1864 14 Picket, Va., Dec. 14, 1864 1 Fort Scott, odstock, Va., Oct. 8, 1864 1 Cashtown, Md., July 5, 1863 1 Yellow Tavern, Va., May 11, 1864 5 Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864 4 Boonsbortock, Va., Oct. 9, 1864 1 Hunterstown, Pa., July 2, 1863 2 Yellow Tavern, Va., May 11, 1864 3 Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864 5 Gettysbu
Ontario (Canada) (search for this): chapter 10
, Va., June 22, 1864 2 Bristoe Station, Va., Oct. 13, 1864 7 Siege of Petersburg, Va. 3 Morton's Ford, Va. 3 Deep Bottom, Va. 2 Wilderness, Va. 18 Ream's Station, Va. 3 Po River, Va. 5 Picket, Va., Oct. 20, 1864 1 Spotsylvania, Va. 6 Hatcher's Run, Va., March 25, 1865 2 Totopotomoy, Va. 1 Sutherland Station, Va. 1 Present, also, at Mine Run; North Anna; Strawberry Plains; Boydton Road; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Recruited at Geneva, N. Y., from the counties of Ontario, Seneca, and Yates. It was under fire for the first time at Maryland Heights, where it received the main force of the enemy's attack, a large share of the casualties occurring in its ranks. During the fighting at Harper's Ferry it lost 13 killed and 42 wounded; total, 55. The regiment was surrendered two days after, together with the rest of the garrison at Harper's Ferry, and being paroled immediately was ordered to Chicago, Ill., where it spent two months in Camp Parole, awaiting notic
Loudon, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
26 Spotsylvania, Va. 30 Jackson, Miss. 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 1 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 16 Petersburg, Va. 3 Siege of Knoxville, Tenn. 5 Fort Stedman, Va. 1 Present, also, at Fredericksburg; Siege of Vicksburg; Jackson; Blue Springs; Loudon; Strawberry Plains (Tenn.); Ny River; North Anna; Bethesda Church; Poplar Spring Church; Hatcher's Run. notes.--The Seventeenth, or Stonewall regiment, left Detroit, 982 strong, on the 27th of August, 1862. On its arrival at Washington it waserness, Va. 20 Peeble's Farm, Va. 2 Spotsylvania, Va. 60 Picket, Va., December 13, 1864 1 North Anna, Va. 5 Fall of Petersburg, Va. 3 Bethesda Church, Va., June 3, 1864 25     Present, also, at Jamestown, Ky.; Vicksburg, Miss.; Loudon, Tenn.; Ny River, Va.; Hatcher's Run, Va.; Fort Stedman, Va. notes.--Left the State, April 12, 1863, with eight companies only. It was ordered to Kentucky, where it was stationed at various points until June, when it was assigned to the First Br
Pocotaligo (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
r Loaf Hill, N. C. 1 Present, also, at Pocotaligo; St. John's River; Pilatka. notes.--Organ Island, S. C. 19 Deep Bottom, Va. 15 Pocotaligo, S. C. 6 Near Richmond, Va., Oct. 1, 1864 3 Present, also, at Blackburn's Ford, Va.; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Kelly's Ford, Va.; Fredericksburg, Va.;ttles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. Pocotaligo, S. C. 4 Wilderness, Va. 20 Picket, S. C., 1burg, Va. (assault, June 15, 1864) 46 Pocotaligo, S. C. 6 Petersburg Trenches, Va. 12 Swift Csland, S. C. 2 Bermuda Hundred, Va. 2 Pocotaligo, S. C. 16 Cold Harbor, Va. 9 Fort Wagner, S.iss.; Jackson. Miss.; Big Black, Miss.; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Sherman's March; Bentonville, N. C. an March, Miss.; Siege of Savannah, Ga.; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Columbia, S. C.; Bentonville, N. C. a, Ga.; Flint River, Ga.; Savannah, Ga.; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Rivers's Bridge, S. C.; Orangeburg, S. avannah, Ga. 1 Picket, July 1, 1864 1 Pocotaligo, S. C. 1 Nickajack Creek, Ga. 4 Congaree Cre[2 more...]
Mississippi (United States) (search for this): chapter 10
mes becoming very close and deadly, bayonets and clubbed muskets being freely used. The Kanawha Division returned to West Virginia soon after the battle of Antietam, and in December, 1862, the regiment moved by transports down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Helena, Ark., where it was assigned to Ewing's (3d) Brigade, Blair's (2d) Division, Fifteenth Corps, in which command it was present at the siege of Vicksburg. In the assault on Vicksburg, May 22, 1863, the regiment lost 6 killed, 43 wocasualties amounting to 11 killed, 67 wounded, and 8 missing, out of about 350 engaged. In the early spring of 1863, the regiment encamped near Lake Providence, La., and assisted in digging the military canal connecting the Lake with the Mississippi River. During the Vicksburg campaign of the following summer, the Iowa Brigade served in McArthur's Division of the Seventeenth Corps. The regiment reenlisted, and, returning from its veteran furlough, joined Sherman's Army, June 10, 1864, at K
Portage, N. Y. (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
, Va. 7 Shepherdstown, Va. 3 Suffolk, Va. 3 Smithfield, Va. 4 Blackwater, Va. 2 Opequon, Va. 4 Manassas Plains, Va. 3 Fisher's Hill, Va. 1 Todd's Tavern, Va. 31 New Market, Va. 3 Spotsylvania, Va. 2 Port Republic, Va. 1 Yellow Tavern, Va. 2 Newtown, Va. 5 Hungary, Va. 2 Cedar Creek, Va. 2 Old Church, Va. 2 Loudon Valley, Va. 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 14 Petersburg, Va. 4 Trevilian Station, Va. 26 Five Forks, Va. 1 White Post, Va. 7     notes.--Organized at Portage, N. Y., as the One Hundred and Thirtieth Infantry, and served as such at Suffolk, Va., and in Keyes's Peninsular campaign. On July 28, 1863, it was transferred to the mounted service under the designation of the First New York Dragoons. Colonel Gibbs, who belonged to the United States Cavalry service, drilled the men in their new duties, and on the night of October 17, 1863, the Dragoons made their first fight as such at Manassas Plains. The regiment started on Grant's campaign of 1864 with a
Big Black (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
ent. Total of killed and wounded, 503. battles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. Fort Donelson, Tenn. 30 Siege of Vicksburg 6 Shiloh, Tenn. 39 Hillsboro, Miss., Feb. 15, 1864 1 Britton's Lane, Tenn. 6 Kenesaw, Ga. 2 Columbus, Ky. 1 Battle of Atlanta 10 Edwards's Station, Miss. 1 Siege of Atlanta 6 Raymond, Miss. 29 The Carolinas 2 Champion's Hill, Miss. 5 Fayetteville, N. C. 1 Present, also, at Frederickton, Mo.; Siege of Corinth, Miss.; Jackson. Miss.; Big Black, Miss.; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Sherman's March; Bentonville, N. C. notes.--Organized May 14, 1861, at Joliet, and mustered in June 13th. It left camp the next week for Alton, from whence it moved, July 6th, to Cape Girardeau, Mo., remaining there or in its vicinity seven months, during which it was engaged on several minor expeditions, and in some fighting. On February 2, 1862,--then in W. H. Wallace's Brigade, McClernand's Division,--it embarked for Fort Donelson, where it sustained a loss o
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