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Browsing named entities in a specific section of Edward H. Savage, author of Police Recollections; Or Boston by Daylight and Gas-Light ., Boston events: a brief mention and the date of more than 5,000 events that transpired in Boston from 1630 to 1880, covering a period of 250 years, together with other occurrences of interest, arranged in alphabetical order. Search the whole document.

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Fort William (United Kingdom) (search for this): chapter 2
ence built around Washington square, 1838 Improvement; digging down commenced, Sep. 4, 1866 Fortifications Castle, in the harbor, commenced to build, 1634 The gunner fires at a passing ship, June, 1637 Fortifications Castle. The gunner exchanges shots with a ship, Sep., 1644 Richard Davenport, the Commander, Oct., 1644 Struck by lightning, July, 1660 Again struck by lightning, Commander killed, July 16, 1664 Repaired and enlarged, 1696 Rebuilt, and named Fort William, 1705 Defended by one hundred guns, March, 1750 The block-house blown up by the British, Mar. 27, 1776 Criminals confined there, Feb., 1786 Ceded to the United States, Aug. 18, 1798 Named Fort Independence, July 31, 1799 Merry's Point (Battery street), were raised there, 1646 Again raised and repaired, 1656 Again repaired and strengthened, 1696 Again raised and enlarged, 1706 Said to have gone to decay, and useless, 1760 Neck, at Roxbury line, a gate put u
Wayland (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Bailie appointed by the town, Aug. 15, 1636 Course (Roxbury canal), to be kept open forever, Oct. 11, 1698 Filled up as a nuisance, 1880 Project. Advocated by Mayor Lyman, 1834 Artesian wells, by Charles H. Harris, 1835 A great meeting at Faneuil Hall, Aug. 17, 1836 Fresh Pond and Charles River, advocated, 1838 Long Pond, adopted by the City, Apr. 13, 1846 Cochituate introduced, a Great Celebration, Oct. 25, 1848 Work, Long Pond (Lake Cochituate), ground broke at Wayland, Aug. 20, 1846 Long Pond opened to Frog Pond, Oct. 25, 1848 Twenty miles of service pipe laid, May 16, 1849 Fountain in front of State House, opened, Sep. 28, 1849 Reservoir on Beacon Hill, completed, Nov. 23, 1849 Reservoir on Beacon Hill, being removed, 1882 Reservoir South Boston, completed, Nov. 27, 1849 Pipes being laid across Charles River, Sep. 6, 1850 Water Works Pipes in Tremont street being raised, Dec., 1866 Upper reservoir, Chestnut Hill, dedicate
Concord (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
gineer, died, Jan. 21, 1867 Battles at Lexington and Concord, first of the Revolution, Apr. 19, 1775 Bunker Hill (Brar. 17, 1775 British soldiers Leave the Common for Concord and Lexington, Apr. 18, 1775 Glad to return to Boston, Signal light at Christ Church, Apr. 17, 1875 Battles at Concord and Lexington, Apr. 19, 1875 Battle at Bunker Hill, pro agents to England to appease the King, 1683 Removed to Concord on account of small-pox, Jan. 3, 1764 Closed for want o0 The west wing enlarged, 1867 A new prison built at Concord, 1877 Prizes British vessels, daily captured and bro, Bond, New York City, $1,500,000, Nov. 31, 1863 Of Concord, Mass., Bank, of $200,000, Sep. 25, 1865 Of Blue Hill Bankovernor, Jan., 1764 Rages in town, the Court removed to Concord, Nov., 1792 10,000 school children vaccinated in three ited by General Gage, Aug. 15, 1774 For Boston, held at Concord, July 12, 1775 For Boston, held at Watertown, Sep. 5, 1
Washington Hall (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Crow Rice Jumping at Tremont Theatre, Apr. 8, 1833 Johnson, Isaac Lot bounded by School, Tremont, Court and Washington streets, Sep. 7, 1630 Died and was buried in Chapel Grounds, Sep. 30, 1630 Richard, M. (Tecumseh), visited Boston, Oct. 12, 1843 Johannes, Count George Jones), played at Tremont Theatre, Sep. 16, 1829 And wife, played at Boston Theatre, Mar. 12, 1864 Died at New York, body sought for dissection, Dec., 1869 Juba clog-dancer, performing at Washington Hall, Sep. 4, 1845 Jubilee, Peace three days festival on Boylston street, June 15, 1869 Peace, the World's, held 20 days on Huntington avenue, June 17, 1872 Judges Supreme Court, sit dressed in robes, 1784 Police Court, Whitman, Orne and Simmons, June 30, 1822 John Gray Rogers, appointed, Aug. 3, 1831 Whitman, resigned, Jan. 24, 1834 Simmons, died, June 17, 1843 Abel Cushing, appointed, July 11, 1843 Thomas Russell, appointed, Jan. 1, 1852 Abel Cushing,
Tiverton (Rhode Island, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Hogan, by unknown, in Sudbury street, Nov. 9, 1822 Billy Williams, by Trask and Green, in State Prison, Jan. 2, 1822 Sarah Dix, by Darby and Gilgar, on Negro Hill, Dec. 3, 1824 Mr. Lambert, by seven boys, in Hanover street, June 20, 1825 Watchman Houghton, by John Holland, in State street, Dec. 12, 1825 Joseph White, by Knapp and others, at Salem, Apr. 16, 1830 John Rich, by Elmer Campbell, in Ann street, Sep. 24, 1832 Sarah M. Connell, by Ephraim K. Avery (susp.), Tiverton, R. I., Dec. 31, 1832 -Lowell, by-Riley, in Clinton street, Mar. 20, 1836 Ellen Jewett, by Richard P. Robinson, in New York City, Apr. 14, 1836 Charles N. Lincoln, by Abner Rogers, in State Prison, June 16, 1843 James Germain, by Charles Greenleaf, in Sudbury street, June 1, 1844 James Norton, by Peter York, in Richmond street, July 2, 1844 Murder Jonas L. Parker, by unknown, in Manchester, N. H., Apr. 1, 1845 Maria Bickford, by Albert J. Tyrrell (charged), in Mt. Ve
Charles (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1832 Canal, over Travers and Causeway sts., removed, 1845 Charles River, an effort to build failed, 1720 Leave granted Harvard Colle a free bridge by the City, Feb. 1, 1858 Eastern R. R., over Charles river, built, 1854 Fitchburg R. R., over Charles river, built, 184Charles river, built, 1848 Bridges Maine R. R., over Charles river, built, 1845 Lowell R. R., over Charles river, built, 1835 Old Colony R. R., at BroadCharles river, built, 1845 Lowell R. R., over Charles river, built, 1835 Old Colony R. R., at Broadway, built, 1870 At Broadway, rebuilt, 1879 Providence R. R., at Berkeley street, built, 1861 At Dartmouth street, built, 1869 AtCharles river, built, 1835 Old Colony R. R., at Broadway, built, 1870 At Broadway, rebuilt, 1879 Providence R. R., at Berkeley street, built, 1861 At Dartmouth street, built, 1869 At Newton street, built, 1872 At West Chester park, built, 1877 Worcester R. R., at Albany street, built, 1861 At Harrison avenue, bui great meeting at Faneuil Hall, Aug. 17, 1836 Fresh Pond and Charles River, advocated, 1838 Long Pond, adopted by the City, Apr. 13, 18uth Boston, completed, Nov. 27, 1849 Pipes being laid across Charles River, Sep. 6, 1850 Water Works Pipes in Tremont street being
Noddle's Island (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
M., July 20, 1871 East Boston Once Noddle's Island,) land company incorporated, Apr. 19, 183rles River bridge built, June 17, 1786 Noddle's Island, kept by Ed. Bendall, row boats, Dec. 18,30, 1870 Conflagration on Border street, East Boston, July 25, 1870 Nims' Stable, Mason streeekiel W. Hodgsdon, by McNulty and Joyce, in East Boston, Oct. 18, 1857 William R. Chapman, by Jargaret E. Bingham, by Geo. W. Pemberton, at East Boston, Mar. 22, 1875 Mary Donnehy, by John Dontone, 1650 Removed, to build a Church at East Boston, Apr., 1864 Old Houses Province, Prleted, Dec. 23, 1857 On Meridian street, East Boston, completed, June 17, 1859 On Hanover strmbined, Dec. 1, 1867 Eastern opened from East Boston, Aug. 27, 1838 Eastern cars come in at C1879 School Houses Adams, Sumner st., East Boston, built, 1856 Bigelow, Fourth street, Souof each night, May 26, 1833 Provided for East Boston, Aug. 21, 1837 The force number two hund[18 more...]
Eliot (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
h, 1694 A sentry-box built on top, March, 1703 One built on the Common, May, 1703 The town have three, March, 1722 The town have five, March, 1723 One built near the Mill Bridge, Oct., 1727 Each allowed thirty shillings for fuel, March, 1735 One built near the Lamb Tavern, August, 1771 One built in Bowdoin square, March, 1773 One built on Ship street, head Lewis Wharf, 1795 The department have five, May, 1796 Watch Houses One built on Orange street, near Eliot, Dec., 1801 One occupied near Beacon Monument, June, 1805 The town has four, East, West, North and South, March, 1810 East removed, from Town-House to Kilby street, Sept., 1830 East, removed from Kilby street to Joy's Building, Feb., 1832 East, removed from Joy's Building to Court House, Sept., 1841 Removed to City Building, Court square, Sept., 1843 Occupied as Police Station, No. 2, May 26, 1854 West in Derne street, March, 1832 Removed from Derne to Leverett str
Louisburg (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1757 Faneuil Hall repaired by one, 1763 Drawing, held at Faneuil Hall, June 14, 1771 Signs at offices, a horn of plenty, 1803 Dealing, prohibited by law, June, 1829 Descent. A great raid on dealers by the police, April, 1851 Louisburg war men embark from Boston, Mar. 24, 1744 News received of success; great rejoicing, July 3, 1745 Lowell, Col. shot soldier Pendergast, at Niles' Block, Apr. 9, 1863 Lyman Mystery of a missing man explained, Apr. 17, 1830 MPine Tree shillings and sixpences, coined, 1652 In two-pence pieces, coined for circulation, 1663 One ounce, worth 20 shillings Provincial Bills, 1736 Shoe and knee-buckles become fashionable, 1737 A large amount paid for capture of Louisburg, 1749 American dollars in circulation, 1796 Eagle 5-cent pieces in circulation 1828 Coin gone out of circulation, postage stamps used for change, 1863 Coin again becomes plenty, 1875 Trade dollar, a Government fraud, 1850 Skat
Quaker (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
e Pirate Fly, on Nix's Mate, hung in chains, July 2, 1726 Giants Rose Richardson, age eight, weight 500 lbs., at Concert Hall, March, 1834 Charles Freeman, seven feet, three inches high, at the National Theatre, Jan. 1, 1841 A monster Quaker, and Lady, at Amory Hall, July, 1849 Gold at 3 per cent. premium, Jan. 1, 1862 At 21 per cent. premium, Aug. 1, 1862 At 49 per cent. premium, Jan. 1, 1863 At 71 per cent. premium, Mar. 1, 1863 At 28 per cent. premium, Aug. 1, 18h in jail, charged with killing her husband, Dec. 22, 1840 Kearney, Dennis Sand Lot orator, arrives in Boston from San Francisco, July 28, 1878 Kid, Capt. Robert in Boston jail for piracy, June 1, 1699 King Charles H. ordered Quaker prisoners discharged, 1660 Proclamation Day in Boston, Aug. 2, 1661 Died Feb. 6; news of death received, Apr. 3, 1685 James H., proclaimed in Boston, Apr. 22, 1685 William and Mary, proclaimed in Boston, Apr. 26, 1689 Queen Anne, p
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