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Browsing named entities in a specific section of Edward H. Savage, author of Police Recollections; Or Boston by Daylight and Gas-Light ., Boston events: a brief mention and the date of more than 5,000 events that transpired in Boston from 1630 to 1880, covering a period of 250 years, together with other occurrences of interest, arranged in alphabetical order. Search the whole document.

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South Boston (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
e a free bridge, Feb. 1, 1858 Dover St., South Boston, completed and opened, Aug. 6, 1805 Solds lost, Dec. 6, 1876 Jenney's Oil Works, South Boston, destroyed, Jan. 26, 1877 Southern Hotel Samuel Fiske, Jr., 1830 Mt. Washington, South Boston, kept by John Ford, 1837 Merchants' Exchilt on Barton's Point, 1802 One built at South Boston, 1833 Convicts allowed to enlist, Nov., Nooks Hill at the north-west part of South Boston, 1776 Northampton District raised to ed, Dec. 13, 1816 Public Institutions South Boston, named Bellevue, for a time, Feb. 8, 1837 politan opened for travel, Sep. 17, 1856 South Boston opened for travel, Dec. 27, 1856 MiddlesBeacon Hill, completed, Nov. 23, 1849 At South Boston, completed, Dec. 27, 1849 At Chestnut Hitreet, built, 1856 Gaston, Fifth street, South Boston, built, 1873 Girls' High, Newton street,., 1846 Watch House One occupied at South Boston, Dec., 1835 Rattles provided for the dep[22 more...]
Russia (Russia) (search for this): chapter 2
eat opposition, June, 1812 With England ended; Peace Treaty celebrated, Feb. 19, 1815 Proclaimed against Mexico, May 13, 1846 Recruiting with drum and fife about the streets, June, 1846 Southern Rebellion, inaugurated, Apr. 15, 1861 Recruiting meetings on the Common, July, 1862 On the Common, Sundays, 1862 Held by wards, July 31, 1862 The draft culminated in Cooper street riot, July 14, 1863 Lee's Army surrendered to Grant, war ended, Apr. 10, 1865 News, between Russia and Turkey, received, Apr. 26, 1876 Ward A Mr., writes a funny account of Boston, 1690 Wards Town is divided into eight, Sep., 1715 Is divided into twelve, Mar. 9, 1735 Boundaries altered, June 17, 1805 Boundaries again altered, Feb., 1822 City. Boundaries again altered, July 24, 1838 Wards City. Boundaries again altered, June 20, 1850 A new division again made, Oct. 20, 1865 Roxbury annexed, making fifteen, Jan. 6, 1868 Divided into sixteen, with Dor
Doherty (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
of 100 men formed, Dec. 7, 1848 Ship Saltillo sailed from Boston, Dec. 27, 1848 Bark Elvira, 12 men, sailed from Boston, Jan. 1, 1849 Ship Edward Everett, 150 men sailed, Jan. 9, 1849 First gold brought to Boston by Adams Express, May 10, 1849 A lump of gold, said to weigh 15 lbs., in a Washington street window, Oct. 15, 1850 Canadian rebellion, great sensation began, Jan., 1837 Canal Boston and Roxbury, opened, 1796 Being filled up because a nuisance, 1880 Mill Creek, near Haymarket square, filled up, 1835 Between Canal and Haverhill streets filled up, 1845 Can-can a questionable play, on exhibition, March, 1877 Carriages Supt. of Hackney, Jotham B. Monroe appointed, July 10, 1847 Supt. Charles P. Philbrick appointed, May 15, 1848 Supt. Robert Taylor appointed, May 24, 1852 Supt. Rufus C. Marsh appointed, May 26, 1854 Supt. of Wagons. James Arnold appointed, May 4, 1849 Supt. Charles B. Rice appointed, May 26, 1851 Sup
Saint James (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1838 Pavilion, 359 Hanover st., kept by J. L. Drew, 1856 Pelham, Tremont and Boylston streets, kept by Dr. Dix, 1857 Pelham, moved back 14 feet, to widen Tremont st., 1869 Pearl Street, Pearl and Milk streets, kept by P. Shepherd, 1836 Province, 165 Washington street, kept by Thos. White, 1834 Pond Street, Pond and Cross streets, kept by Billings & Glidden, 1834 Railroad, 63 Pond street, kept by A. Haskell, 1834 Revere, Bowdoin square, kept by Paran Stevens, 1844 St. James, Newton street, kept by B. J. Stetson, 1868 Traders', Union street, kept by John Bryant, 1851 Trimountain, 345 Hanover street, kept by W. H. Freeman, 1856 Union, 29 Union street, kept by D. L. White, 1830 United States, Beach and Lincoln sts., kept by Holman & Clark, 1837 Vendome, Commonwealth avenue, kept by John W. Walcott, 1880 Warren, Merrimac st., kept by Thos. Stevens, 1830 Hotels Washington, on the Neck, kept by Geo. Read, 1830 Washington, 835 Washington
Halifax (Canada) (search for this): chapter 2
Rev. Mr. Wheelwright, for heresy, Oct. 3, 1637 Capt. Underhill, for defamation, Sep. 17, 1638 Hugh-Bewett, because he thought he did not sin, Dec. 9, 1640 Mrs. Hutchinson, for sedition, Oct. 3, 1737 200 Scotchmen just arrived from Nova Scotia, Nov. 10, 1755 Rev. Matthew Byles, and many other Tories, 1778 Banks Massachusetts, First New England Bank, established Mar. 18, 1784 Union went into operation, Aug. 1, 1792 U. S. Branch Building, State street, corner-stone laidlin street, 1793 Tories those who favored British rule, 1775 Signs torn down all over town, July 18, 1776 Several drummed out of town, Sep. 16, 1777 Their property confiscated to the State, May 1, 1779 Many families fled to Nova Scotia, 1779 Toronto City Government, visited Boston, Sep. 17, 1864 Torch-Light processions, the order of the night, Oct., 1872 Torpedo explosion in the harbor, killed two men, Oct. 13, 1879 Town of Boston, settled by Massachu
Suffolk, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
d, 1832 Quebec taken by Gen. Wolf; sensation in Boston, Sep. 18, 1759 Quincy Hall over the market, named, June 13, 1831 R. Railroad Hand. One to cart dirt, on west side Beacon Hill, June, 1811 Horse. One at Quincy Granite Works, Oct., 1826 Cambridge opened for travel, May 21, 1856 Metropolitan opened for travel, Sep. 17, 1856 South Boston opened for travel, Dec. 27, 1856 Middlesex opened for travel, Mar. 5, 1857 One opened to Brokline, Oct. 26, 1859 Suffolk to East Boston, opened Aug. 20, 1860 Cars run through Cornhill, Feb. 11, 1867 Double track from Tremont House, south, Dec. 2, 1867 Run through Berkeley and Boylston streets, Mar. 4, 1868 Run through Clarendon to Beacon street, Oct. 16, 1868 So. Boston cars drawn by men; horses sick, Oct. 3, 1872 Cars run through Harrison avenue, South End, May, 1877 Railroad Horse. Run whole length Columbus avenue, June 30, 1877 Began running over Dover street bridge, Aug. 26, 1
Pine Island (Minnesota, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
of Boston burned over, and more than $100,000,000 of property destroyed, Nov. 9, 1872 Fire Small-pox Hospital, Pine Island, burned, Dec. 26, 1872 Corner Blackstone and Hanover streets, three men killed, Feb. 27, 1873 Four acres burned 844 City, corner Harrison avenue and Worcester street, dedicated, May 24, 1864 Hospital Small-pox, built on Pine Island, soon burned, 1872 Roxbury Alms-house fitted up, Jan. 15, 1873 Built on Canterbury street, 1877 Hotels Ada00 school children vaccinated in three months, 1824 Created great alarm in Boston, Sept., 1872 Hospital built at Pine Island, Oct., 1872 Hospital at Pine Island, burned, Dec., 1872 Hospital prepared at Marcellus street Almshouse, Jan., 1Pine Island, burned, Dec., 1872 Hospital prepared at Marcellus street Almshouse, Jan., 1873 Societies The Boston Marine incorporated, 1754 The Massachusetts Charitable, instituted, 1760 The Anti-Tea Drinking, formed, 1770 Academy of Arts and Sciences, incorporated, 1780 Massachusetts Medical, incorporated, 1781 Of
Dearborn (Michigan, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
arbor; 14 men killed, Aug. 27, 1640 The miller at Copp's Hill killed by lightning, June 22, 1642 Capt. Davenport at the Castle killed by lightning, July 16, 1664 At Whitefield's meeting, Checkley's Church, several injured, Sep. 27, 1740 At Columbian Museum fire, 5 men killed, May 17, 1807 At Green street Church, 2 men killed, June 13, 1826 North Bennet Church, laying corner-stone, many injured, Apr. 30, 1828 At Montgomery Hall, Bath street, many injured, Mar. 1, 1842 Dearborn's Block, Pearl street, fell, June 25, 1848 Chickering Build'g fell, Watchman Foster killed, Dec. 2, 1852 Pemberton House (Howard street) wall fell, 5 men injured, Oct. 25, 1853 Shell explosion on the Common, 5 men killed, July 4, 1854 Block of stores on Broad street fell, Aug. 23, 1854 Pemberton Mill, at Lawrence, fell, 88 persons killed, Jan. 11, 1860 Cars ran off Eastern R. R. bridge, 4 men killed, Nov. 21, 1862 Otis place wall fell, 6 men badly injured, Feb. 4, 1866
Apple Island (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1859 Roxbury to Boston, consummated, Jan. 6, 1868 Dorchester to Boston, consummated, Jan. 3, 1870 Roxbury Neck to Boston line run, 1836 West Roxbury to Boston, consummated, Jan. 5, 1874 Brighton to Boston, consummated, Jan. 5, 1874 Texas to the United States, creates a sensation, Jan. 7, 1838 Antimonians make the rulers in Boston much trouble, 1632 Apprentices Poor children bound out by Overseers of the Poor, 1656 Allowed to set up for themselves, 1657 Apple Island sold by the town to private individuals, 1723 Occupied as a residence, by William Marsh, 1814 Marsh's house destroyed by fire, Nov. 11, 1835 Aqueduct Jamaica Pond incorporated, June, 1790 Superseded by introduction of Cochituate water, Oct. 25, 1848 Aquitamong an Indian, aged 112 years, visited Boston, Aug. 25, 1723 Arabella the emigrants' favorite, died at Salem, 1630 Arch a mysterious cave found head Lewis wharf, June 23, 1804 A similar cave found
California (California, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
C. Cages built to imprison Sabbath breakers, 1677 Cahill, Thomas arrested in Ireland by the State police; charge, Landergan murder, Aug. 2, 1874 California The gold fever reached Boston; a sensation, Sep. 18, 1848 A mining company of 100 men formed, Dec. 7, 1848 Ship Saltillo sailed from Boston, Dec. 27, 1pt. Amory, first parade, July 4, 1797 National Lancers, first parade, June 14, 1837 Light Dragoons organized, Mar. 23, 1853 Reception of a company from California, Jan. 14, 1863 First Massachussetts at Faneuil Hall, Dec. 19, 1861 Cemeteries under Christ Church, Salem st., built, 1723 Under St. Paul's Church, TGoing out of use in Boston, 1850 Truncheon a Centennial emblem, laid by for one hundred years, Sep. 17, 1830 Tukey, Francis ex-City Marshal, died in California, Nov. 3, 1867 Tunis, Embassy visited Boston, Nov. 18, 1865 Turnpike Boston and Salem, opened, Apr. 22, 1803 Tithingman appointed to look after
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