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United States (United States) 52 0 Browse Search
Massachusetts (Massachusetts, United States) 46 0 Browse Search
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1708 AD 45 45 Browse Search
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John 31 9 Browse Search
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Jackson (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
pringfield street built, 1857 On West Springfield st., made a Soldiers' Home, 1861 On West Springfield street, made the Old Men's Home, 1862 Athenxum Building, on Beacon street, cornerstone laid, Apr. 28, 1847 Property removed from Pearl to Beacon street, May 19, 1849 Atkins' Pasture where Atkinson's street is since, 1732 Attucks, Crispus leader in the defence in the massacre, King street, Mar. 5, 1770 Augustus, John bailed out 799 prisoners the last nine year 1833 Winthrop began to be built, 1808 Warren and George's Island, building began, 1833 Works said to be completed, 1850 Rebel prisoners confined at Warren, 1862 Forgeries The Miller sensation on State street, Dec., 1847 The Jackson swindle sensation, Dec., 1875 The E. D. Winslow swindle sensation, Jan., 1876 Forest Garden West Roxbury, first opened, July 17, 1878 Franklin Josiah, built a small house near head of Milk street. 1690 Had soap and candle works
Quaker (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
to open the lot, Aug. 3, 1810 Many graves robbed, great excitement, March, 1822 Grave robbery excitement renewed, Dec., 1829 Many trees planted by Supt. Hughes, May, 1834 Bodies removed from north side for a hotel site, June, 1856 Quaker, in Milton place, bodies removed to Lynn, July, 1826 North Hudson st, fences down, tombs broken in, 1860 Bodies removed and land sold, May, 1862 Butler, Gen. B. F. appointed to command of the Mass. Brigade first ordered to Washington,861 Pitts street, Congregational, corner-stone laid, July 7, 1836 Purchase st., Episcopal, destroyed by great fire, Nov. 9, 1872 Purchase street, Mariner's, corner-stone laid, Aug. 11, 1829 Destroyed by the great fire, Nov. 9, 1872 Quaker, built on Brattle street, 1693 Rebuilt in Quaker lane, 1709 Removed from Quaker lane to Lynn, April, 1825 Rowe street, Baptist, completed and dedicated, Apr. 27, 1846 Sold to be removed, last service, May 31, 1868 Sandemonian, stoo
Stone House (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1861 Abolished, the last session held, June 30, 1866 Reorganized, and named Municipal Court, July 2, 1866 Police, Clerks, Thomas Power, appointed, June 20, 1822 Seth Tobey, appointed Sep. 14, 1852 Thomas Power again appointed, Feb. 18, 1853 Seth Tobey again appointed, Feb. 9, 1860 John C. Leighton, appointed, Jan. 7, 1867 House, stood on Queen street about the year 1773 Preparation to build on School street, 1807 Johnson's Hall, School street, built, 1810 Stone house, built on Leverett street, 1820 Leverett street house called a nuisance, 1828 The old building on Court street removed, May, 1833 Stone building, Court st., corner-stone laid, Sep. 28, 1833 Pillars weighing 28 tons each brought in, Sep. 12, 1835 Stone building, on Court street, completed, Dec. 20, 1836 New addition at the south end, completed, Dec. 31, 1861 United States, Johnson's Hall, occupied, 1812 Court House, Court street, occupied, 1840 Court held in Bowd
Lake Cochituate (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ity of Boston, May, 5, 1851 Bailie appointed by the town, Aug. 15, 1636 Course (Roxbury canal), to be kept open forever, Oct. 11, 1698 Filled up as a nuisance, 1880 Project. Advocated by Mayor Lyman, 1834 Artesian wells, by Charles H. Harris, 1835 A great meeting at Faneuil Hall, Aug. 17, 1836 Fresh Pond and Charles River, advocated, 1838 Long Pond, adopted by the City, Apr. 13, 1846 Cochituate introduced, a Great Celebration, Oct. 25, 1848 Work, Long Pond (Lake Cochituate), ground broke at Wayland, Aug. 20, 1846 Long Pond opened to Frog Pond, Oct. 25, 1848 Twenty miles of service pipe laid, May 16, 1849 Fountain in front of State House, opened, Sep. 28, 1849 Reservoir on Beacon Hill, completed, Nov. 23, 1849 Reservoir on Beacon Hill, being removed, 1882 Reservoir South Boston, completed, Nov. 27, 1849 Pipes being laid across Charles River, Sep. 6, 1850 Water Works Pipes in Tremont street being raised, Dec., 1866 Upper rese
Yankee Hill (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
1879 Selwyn's, on Washington and Essex streets, opened, Oct. 28, 1867 Has been changed to Globe, 1880 Tremont, on Tremont street, first opened, Sep. 24, 1827 Madam Celeste dancing there, Nov. 20, 1827 William Pelby became manager, Jan. 28, 1828 Junius Brutus Booth playing, July 29, 1828 Edwin Forrest playing Metamora, Oct. 10, 1831 James Anderson mobbed there, Nov. 16, 1831 Mrs. Vincent's first appearance, Sep. 12, 1832 Ravel family playing, Nov. 5, 1832 Yankee Hill playing, Aug. 17, 1837 The last theatrical play there, June 17, 1843 Theatres Tremont, on Tremont street. Sold to Baptist society. Dedicated Tremont Temple, Dec. 8, 1843 Warren, corner Portland and Travers streets, opened, July 3, 1832 Name changed to The National, May 8, 1836 Visited by 400 truckmen, in white frocks, Dec. 1, 1338 The third row became notorious, 1840 The third row scenes abandoned, Sep. 14, 1846 Building destroyed by fire, Apr. 26, 1852 New
Nahant (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
et, burned, Aug. 31, 1859 Derby Range, Sudbury street, burned, Sept. 8, 1860 Conflagration on Albany and on Border streets, July 4, 1861 Nahant Hotel, at Nahant, burned, Sep. 11, 1861 Quincy Market-house badly scorched, Jan. 27, 1862 Mathew's Block, North street, burned, Feb. 24, 1862 Fire Stores on Batterymt. Old house removed; Adams House built, 1845 Lamphire's, 24 Hanover street, kept by B. Lamphire, 1807 Moreau's, in Elm street, kept by Mrs. Moreau, 1805 Nahant, at Nahant, built, 1820 Burned, Sep. 11, 1861 Punch Bowl, in Dock square, kept by Mrs. Baker, 1769 Patterson's, in Elm street, kept by Patterson, 1796 Nahant, built, 1820 Burned, Sep. 11, 1861 Punch Bowl, in Dock square, kept by Mrs. Baker, 1769 Patterson's, in Elm street, kept by Patterson, 1796 Queen's Head, kept near Scarlet's Wharf, 1691 Red Lion, kept near Red Lion Wharf, 1674 Roebuck, in Fish lane, Roebuck passage, 1732 House removed, 1815 Royal Exchange, kept in King street, 1732 Ship, Noah's Ark, in Ship street, built, 1646 Kept by John Vial (vintner), 1651 The oldest brick building in Boston,
Salem (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ston, Aug. 25, 1723 Arabella the emigrants' favorite, died at Salem, 1630 Arch a mysterious cave found head Lewis wharf, June 23,n Parkman place, 1765 In Parkman place, burned, Apr. 11, 1773 Salem, corner Bennet street, corner-stone laid, July 17, 1827 School s in rear of the jail, for piracy, Feb. 1, 1827 John F. Knapp, at Salem, murder of Mr. White, Sep. 29, 1830 Gadette and Colinett, pirate791 Rev. John N. Maffitt vs. Editor Buckingham, Dec., 1822 At Salem, Deacon Giles' distillery; sensation, June, 1835 Library Bosttate street, Dec. 12, 1825 Joseph White, by Knapp and others, at Salem, Apr. 16, 1830 John Rich, by Elmer Campbell, in Ann street, Sep. 1768 Office opened at Concert Hall, Nov. 10, 1768 Removed to Salem; Boston office closed, 1774 Reservoir Cochituate, Beacon Hill Embassy visited Boston, Nov. 18, 1865 Turnpike Boston and Salem, opened, Apr. 22, 1803 Tithingman appointed to look after Sab
Clarendon, Ark. (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
30 Canal, on Pond street, kept by P. Sherburne, 1834 Carleton, on Tremont Row, kept by John L. Hanson, 1847 Central, 9 Brattle street, kept by Lucius Slade, 1847 Hotels City (Tremont), Tremont street, kept by D. Boyden, 1830 Clarendon, Tremont street, kept by Gage & Co., 1867 Commonwealth, Washington and Springfield sts., kept by B. F. Rogers, 1870 Coolidge, Bowdoin square, kept by Mr. Barton, 1857 Crawford, 83 Court street, kept by Stumcke & Co., 1872 Cummings, rokline, Oct. 26, 1859 Suffolk to East Boston, opened Aug. 20, 1860 Cars run through Cornhill, Feb. 11, 1867 Double track from Tremont House, south, Dec. 2, 1867 Run through Berkeley and Boylston streets, Mar. 4, 1868 Run through Clarendon to Beacon street, Oct. 16, 1868 So. Boston cars drawn by men; horses sick, Oct. 3, 1872 Cars run through Harrison avenue, South End, May, 1877 Railroad Horse. Run whole length Columbus avenue, June 30, 1877 Began running over D
Windsor, Vt. (Vermont, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
urder, Feb. 17, 1874 James H. Costly, at Dedham, for murder, June 25, 1875 Louis Wagner, at Thomaston, Isle of Shoals, murder, June 25, 1875 George W. Pemberton, in jail, for Bingham murder, Oct. 8, 1875 Thomas W. Piper, in jail, for Mabel Young murder, May 26, 1876 Mr. Frost, at Worcester, for murder, May 26, 1876 Joseph B. Buswell, at Concord, N. H., for murder, July 10, 1879 Hanged William H. Devlin, at Cambridge, for murder, Mar. 14, 1879 John P. Phair, at Windsor, Vt., for murder, July 10, 1879 Harbor frozen over far down the bay, Dec. 26, 1630 Frozen over, far down the bay, Dec. 25, 1632 Good walking on the ice to Governor's Garden, Nov. 5, 1633 Frozen over to Governor's Garden, Dec. 11, 1634 Frozen over a long way down, Dec. 27, 1640 Eight persons fall through the ice and drown, Dec. 1649 Frozen over down to Nantasket, Dec., 1697 Frozen over to Long Island, Jan. 11, 1711 Closed as a port of entry, by the British, May 10,
New Hampshire (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
astern avenue, built, 1846 Flower Show a tent and fine display on the Common, June 13, 1873 Flying Machine on exhibition on the Common, July 4, 1878 Folsom, Abby and Silas Lamson), make a sensation in Boston, 1841 Died in New Hampshire, aged 75, Aug. 5, 1867 Fort Hill first called Cornhill, 80 feet high, 1633 Iron fence built around Washington square, 1838 Improvement; digging down commenced, Sep. 4, 1866 Fortifications Castle, in the harbor, commenced to 812 held their last meeting, Oct. 16, 1879 Sons of Liberty, a Union Club, formed in Boston, Aug. 14, 1765 Pruned Liberty Tree on Essex street, Feb. 14, 1766 Control the American Cause, 1774 Revive business in Boston, 1781 Of New Hampshire, hold a festival at Fitchburg Hall, Nov. 7, 1849 Again at Fitchburg Hall, Nov. 2, 1853 Vermont, hold a festival at the Revere House, Mar. 16, 1859 Of Malta. A nondescript of fun and frolic, Oct., 1857 Soup Houses One provide
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