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1708 AD 45 45 Browse Search
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John 31 9 Browse Search
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Browsing named entities in a specific section of Edward H. Savage, author of Police Recollections; Or Boston by Daylight and Gas-Light ., Boston events: a brief mention and the date of more than 5,000 events that transpired in Boston from 1630 to 1880, covering a period of 250 years, together with other occurrences of interest, arranged in alphabetical order. Search the whole document.

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York (Canada) (search for this): chapter 2
one penny each (if caught), 1632 Tom Thumb Mr. Stratton, a dwarf, on exhibition, May 22, 1843 And wife, on exhibition, Mar. 9, 1863 And wife, again on exhibition, July 30, 1866 Tontine Building at the arch, Franklin street, 1793 Tories those who favored British rule, 1775 Signs torn down all over town, July 18, 1776 Several drummed out of town, Sep. 16, 1777 Their property confiscated to the State, May 1, 1779 Many families fled to Nova Scotia, 1779 Toronto City Government, visited Boston, Sep. 17, 1864 Torch-Light processions, the order of the night, Oct., 1872 Torpedo explosion in the harbor, killed two men, Oct. 13, 1879 Town of Boston, settled by Massachusetts Colony, Sep. 7, 1630 First chose town officers, Sep. 1, 1634 Fined twenty shillings for defective highway, Dec. 3, 1639 Furnished beer for the Selectmen, Mar. 28, 1642 Took a deed of the lands from the Indians, Mar. 19, 1684 Guarded by English war
Mexico, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
s A large one causes a consternation, Aug. 26, 1644 Showers predicted, but not seen, Nov. 14, 1866 Showers predicted, and fell beautifully, Nov., 1868 Mexico, City of News of the capture received, Oct. 7, 1847 McGennisken, Bernard A political police sensation, Sep., 1851 McClellan, Gen. Geo. B. paid Bostoine completed, 1854 Great three days Jubilee on Boston Common, Sep. 17, 1851 Cars first pass through Hoosac Tunnel, Feb. 9, 1875 Ransom, Col killed in Mexico; body sent to Vermont, through Boston, Feb. 9, 1848 Razor-Strop man Henry Smith, on State street; a few more left, July, 1845 Ratcliff, Philip had earared, Apr. 19, 1812 The declaration meets with great opposition, June, 1812 With England ended; Peace Treaty celebrated, Feb. 19, 1815 Proclaimed against Mexico, May 13, 1846 Recruiting with drum and fife about the streets, June, 1846 Southern Rebellion, inaugurated, Apr. 15, 1861 Recruiting meetings on the Commo
Fort Hill (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ill, on the Common, 1652 One built at the South End, 1700 One set up on Fort Hill, 1741 Mill Wind. One set up on the Neck lands, 1794 Miller, WilliaMead, in Stoddard street, Oct. 8, 1857 John Hilton, by Henry L. Sutton, on Fort Hill, Oct. 17, 1857 Ezekiel W. Hodgsdon, by McNulty and Joyce, in East Boston, r street, Oct. 30, 1860 Murder Michael Orphin, by John Fitzgerald, on Fort Hill, Mar. 13, 1861 Barney Ford, by Mike Sullivan, in North street, Nov. 22, 18lt, 1820 Rebuilt, 1848 Bowditch, South street, built, 1862 Boylston, Fort Hill, built, 1819 Rebuilt, 1853 Brimmer, Common street, built, 1843 Chapm of chests burned in King street, Jan. 1, 1774 Tea party of Whigs dine off Fort Hill, Apr. 1, 1840 Tea party Centennial Anniversary at Faneuil Hall, Dec. 16, 1ouse, 1815 One in North square, 1816 One in Spring lane, 1780 One on Fort Hill, 1800 One, corner Milk and Congress streets, 1820 City Marshal ordered
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ir in Boston, Nov. 8, 1630 Pillory to punish criminals, stood in King street, 1676 A money clipper set in one hour, 1679 Pillory Pierpont and Story, for sinking a ship, set in one hour, Mar. 22, 1803 John Nichols, counterfeiter, the last occupant, one hour, Apr. 15, 1805 Pitcher, Molly the Lynn fortune teller died, aged 75 years, Apr. 13, 1813 Pinafore a burlesque play, has a great run, 1879 Piper, Thomas W. confesses his crimes in jail, May 7, 1876 Pittsburg Capture, news received, great rejoicing, Apr. 11, 1862 Police a sanitary arrangement many years, 1786 A law passed providing for a department, May 15, 1838 Six-day patrol appointed under the new law, May 21, 1838 A detective force organized, 1846 A small force for night duty, appointed, Dec., 1846 A reserve force (specials) of 45 men, appointed, June 16, 1848 The force number thirty men, Jan. 1, 1850 Sensation, stolen property dug up in Public Garden, Jan. 8,
Rogers (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
hitman, Orne and Simmons, June 30, 1822 John Gray Rogers, appointed, Aug. 3, 1831 Whitman, resigned, Jan. 24, 1834 Simmons, died, June 17, 1843 Abel Cushing, appointed, July 11, 1843 Thomas Russell, appointed, Jan. 1, 1852 Abel Cushing, resigned, Oct. 15, 1858 Sebeus C. Maine, appointed, Nov. 5, 1858 Thomas Russell, resigned, May 12, 1859 George D. Wells, appointed, May 24, 1859 Col. Wells went to war, and was killed, 1861 Edwin Wright, appointed, 1861 Rogers, Maine, and Wright retire, June 30, 1866 Abolished, and Municipal is substituted, July 2, 1866 Municipal, New, Bacon, Hurd, and Chamberlain, July 2, 1866 Francis W. Hurd, resigned, Feb. 20, 1871 Joseph M. Churchill, appointed, Mar. 3, 1871 John W. Bacon, resigned, Nov. 24, 1871 William E. Parmenter, appointed, Dec. 12, 1871 Mellen Chamberlain, resigned, Oct. 1, 1878 John Wilder May, appointed, Oct. 12, 1878 Justices allowed to marry persons in the county, 1695 W
Century Hill (New Mexico, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
8, 1862 Bull Run, second reverse, great excitement, Aug. 31, 1862 Lee's surrender to Grant, great excitement, Apr. 10, 1865 Beacon first set up on Century Hill, Jan., 1635 Colors set up, a warning of danger, Apr. 18, 1689 Tar barrels placed on a skillet, ready to set fire, Sep. 10, 1768 Taken down by British to the State House, Aug. 25, 1811 Tablets placed in the walls of Doric Hall, Feb. 21, 1861 Beacon Hill the highest land in Trimountain, 1630 Called Century Hill for a time, 1640 Was in its primitive state in 1720 Had a Seminary near its side, 1744 Thomas Hudson digs to undermine it, May, 1764 State House but. 12, 1854 Field Mill (or Mylne), land north of Mill Creek, 1634 Fort, about Fort Hill, 1634 Colburn's, at the South End, 1640 Common, south of Century Hill (Beacon Hill), 1640 Webber's, at the South End, 1640 New, north of Cambridge street, 1650 Field Coffin's, near Essex and Summer streets, 1777
Savannah (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
andemonians a new Religious Sect, appear, 1764 Savage, Edward had an Art Gallery in Franklin Hall, June, 1794 Painted a Panorama of Boston, May, 1795 Had a Museum over Boylston Market, 1812 Savage, Edward H. appointed a Police officer in Boston, Feb. 10, 1851 Appointed Captain, Police Division No 1, May 26, 1854 Appointed Deputy Chief of Police, Feb. 11, 1861 Chosen Chief of Police, Apr. 4, 1870 Appointed Probation Officer for Suffolk Co., Oct. 21, 1878 Savannah sufferers Great relief meeting at Faneuil Hall, Jan. 9, 1865 Scales large, first in use at the Market, 1782 Scandals An unwritten sensation in high life, caused by a kiss, Oct., 1788 Carpenter and apprentice girl, at South Boston, Sep., 1821 A constable and Archer's ring, Aug., 1836 Rev. Joy H. Fairchild's, began, June, 1844 Dalton and Coburn, began, Oct., 1855 Hancock School, began, Nov., 1856 Rev. Isaac H. Kalloch's, began, Jan., 1857 Officer Prescott s
Masonic Temple (Arizona, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
on Court street, completed, Dec. 20, 1836 New addition at the south end, completed, Dec. 31, 1861 United States, Johnson's Hall, occupied, 1812 Court House, Court street, occupied, 1840 Court held in Bowdoin square, Dec., 1856 Masonic Temple. Tremont street, purchased, Dec., 1856 Cove Company The South, incorporated, Jan. 1, 1833 Cows Seventy may be pastured on the Common, 1646 Going at large, to be licensed and wear a tally, 1823 A keeper employed by the City, ill, on Common, Oct. 1, 1867 Steam engine A model exhibited in Boylston Hall, May 1, 1830 First placed on Worcester Railroad, Mar. 17, 1834 Used in pile driving, at new Custom House, Sep. 1, 1837 St. George's Rooms opened at Masonic Temple, Aug. 13, 1867 Saint Louis City Government visit Boston, Oct. 2, 1865 Stocks built, in which to punish criminals, Nov., 1639 A woman exposed in one, on King street, May 10, 1753 Storms rain and wind. The tide rose twenty
Hanover (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
rt square, kept by J. B. Gibbs, 1851 Gibson, 107 Milk street, kept by J. M. Gibson, 1834 Globe, Hanover and Commercial streets, kept by G. Cummings, 1834 Hanover, 112 Hanover street, kept by J. Robbins, 1835 Hanover, 50 Hanover street, kept by T. Hartson, 1836 Hope, 26 North street, kept by Capt. Clarke, 1852 HoHanover, 50 Hanover street, kept by T. Hartson, 1836 Hope, 26 North street, kept by Capt. Clarke, 1852 Hotels Indian Head, 26 Portland street, kept by S. Coleman, 1861 Jefferson, 16 Ann street, kept by G. L. White, 1829 Lagrange, 17 Union street, kept by John Bryant, 1838 Lowell, Lowell and Barton streets, kept by Clarke Ober, 1849 Lafayette, 393 Washington street, kept by Mr. Barker, 1824 Manufacturers', 38 Salem st May 26, 1854 North, in Ship street, March, 1810 Removed from Ship to Fleet street, 1819 Removed from Fleet to Hanover street, June, 1823 Removed from Hanover to Cross street, Dec., 1835 Removed from Cross back to Hanover street, August, 1848 Occupied as Police Station, No. 1, May 26, 1854 South, was built on O
Bedford, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ed, Dec. 22, 1771 In Stillman street, last service, June 14, 1829 Churches In Union street, first service, June 18, 1829 In Union street, last service, 1854 In Somerset street, corner-stone laid, Sep. 12, 1853 Baldwin Place, wooden house dedicated, Mar. 15, 1746 New brick house dedicated, Jan. 11, 1811 Baldwin Place, last religious service held, Feb. 12, 1865 Made a Home for little Wanderers, May, 1865 Beach st. and Harrison ave., Presbyterian, built, 1846 Bedford and Sea street, new house dedicated, Apr. 19, 1846 Bedford street, of the Saviour, dedicated, Nov. 12, 1852 Congregational, corner-stone laid, Oct. 17, 1822 Bennet street, N., Methodist, completed and dedicated, Sep. 18, 1828 Removed to build school-house, 1871 Belknap street, African, completed and dedicated Dec. 4, 1806 Bowdoin st., Episcopal, completed and dedicated June 16, 1831 Bowdoin square, Baptist, corner-stone laid, Apr. 1, 1840 New Jerusalem, dedicated, Ju
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