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December 25th, 1717 AD (search for this): chapter 10
re the owner, and the subsequent title come down under his unforeclosed mortgage. So far as I have been able to discover, that was the way this mortgage operated. Mr. Morton died in 1698. In 1709, Edward Thomas assigned this mortgage to John Indicutt. Mr. Indicutt was a cooper. He died in 1711, and was buried in King's Chapel burying ground. In 1712, his widow, Mary, and Edward Thomas made a deed of the premises to John Frizzell, for £ 212. John Frizzell for £ 260 by deed dated December 25, 1717, conveyed the same to Abraham Ireland. This deed also conveyed the five-acre Johnson lot, which we have already stated was conveyed to Ireland by Frizzell. The deed says it conveys twenty-two acres, an increase of an acre over the original allotments, and original conveyance from Mousal. Thus it appears how fast this country was then growing. Mr. Ireland was a large land-owner. He owned on the easterly side of Walnut Street also. He died in 1753, and was buried in the Cambridge b
August 31st, 1820 AD (search for this): chapter 10
administrator upon his estate. By deed of August 14, 1820, for $227 the administrator conveyed to Edward Cutter a parcel of 2 acres, 1 quarter, and 36 poles, bounded northeasterly on Joseph Adams; easterly on Craigie's Road; southeasterly on a rangeway, and southwesterly on a back lane. The last two bounds are Walnut Street and Barberry Lane, respectively. Edward Cutter, by deed dated March 13, 1823, conveyed to Amos Hazeltine. Mr. Tufts, as administrator, as aforesaid by deed dated August 31, 1820, conveyed to Nehemiah Wyman (son) three and one-fourth acres bounded westerly on Craigie's Road; northwesterly and northeasterly on Joseph Adams; and southeasterly on a rangeway (Walnut Street) for $250.25. Mr. Wyman by deed of September 4, 1820, for $299 conveyed to Mr. Hazeltine. By deed recorded 313,541, the date of which I do not chance to have, Mr. Hazeltine conveyed both the parcels which we have traced to him to Patrick T. Jackson. Now we have brought up to Mr. Jackson title to
July 12th, 1825 AD (search for this): chapter 10
d 4 poles on the southerly side thereof; over eleven acres after the road had been cut through it. A partition of his estate was had in 1825, and both parts of the Austin lot were set off to the Frosts. This set-off is the first document which gives any definite bounds of the land, and it gives only a part of them. It shows that Amos Hazeltine had acquired title to the corner of Walnut Street and Barberry Lane, as his name appears there in place of Thomas Ireland's. By deed dated July 12, 1825, for $697.69 William and Edmund convey their two-thirds in both parcels of the Austin lot to Melzar Torrey. They bound the first parcel: Northeasterly on Nathan Adams, 32 rods, 7 links; southeasterly on a rangeway (Walnut Street) 23 rods; southwesterly on Amos Hazeltine (no distance given); southeasterly on Amos Hazeltine, 26 rods, 8 links; southwesterly on Craigie's Road, 22 rods, and northwesterly on Barnard Tufts and Samuel Adams, 43 rods, 5 links, containing 7 acres, 2 quarters, and
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