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August 1st, 1834 AD (search for this): chapter 2
ding toll by using General Derby's lane across Ten Hills farm to present Broadway. Between this and Ploughed hill (later known as Mt. Benedict) was the dyked marsh and clay land, with numerous brickyards. The site of some of these later became a nuisance, abated by the city of Somerville in the early seventies by the making of its park and widening of Broadway. On the summit of Ploughed hill was, in 1826, erected the convent of St. Ursula, burned by a mob from Boston on the night of August 1, 1834. It is said that the courage of the rioters was largely increased by the arrival of a barrel of rum from Medford. Of this we cannot with certainty say, but the blackened ruins of the walls stood, witnessing to the disgraceful proceeding, for more than thirty-four years, when the hill began to be reduced to the present grade. As the toll-gate and keeper's house was at the base of Ploughed hill, quite near the southern end, it is evident that the Shunpikers were inward bound. The q
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