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South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 32 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 20 0 Browse Search
Victor Emmanuel 17 1 Browse Search
Abraham Lincoln 14 0 Browse Search
March, 12 AD 14 14 Browse Search
Baltimore, Md. (Maryland, United States) 14 0 Browse Search
Henrico (Virginia, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Thomas L. Hunter 8 0 Browse Search
Franklin Pierce 8 0 Browse Search
China (China) 8 0 Browse Search
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William Mulligan (search for this): article 12
A Rowdy punished. --Wm. Mulligan, one of the most notorious of the pugilists, rowdies and gamblers of New York, who has perhaps committed more outrages against society than any other man living, but has succeeded heretofore, by this political influence, in escaping punishment, has at fast met his deserts. By some unexampled good fortune, he was brought before an honest judge and jury in New York, (!) was convicted of an assault with intent to kill a police officer, and has been sent to the Penitentiary for four years and six months.