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Thomas L. Hunter 8 0 Browse Search
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China (China) 8 0 Browse Search
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A lady in Court. --We observe that in the English Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes a case lately on trial was argued and managed to some extent by a lady. The case arose a petition (Shedden vs. Patrick,) for a declaration of legitimacy, and was one which involved the honor of the parents or the lady in question, who was one of the petitioners. The cause came on too early, as was alleged, for her counsel to make themselves familiar with it, and as a postponement could not be obtained, they withdrew from court, and the lady, Miss Shedden, being prepared, as it would seem, for the emergency, proceeded at once to open the case herself.--Her address was delivered in a distinct and without hesitation, with clear statement and correct diction. She observed at the outlet that it might be said that it was a bold thing for a woman to come into that court and plead. "It was most painful to her, but it was her duty to defend her father and her mother from the imputations which