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January 30th 12 12 Browse Search
John B. Young 12 0 Browse Search
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Gaeta (Italy) 11 1 Browse Search
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A lion's Love for a Black Tigress. --The Philadelphia North American records the following singular case: "In one compartment of the cage in which the animals perform at Van Amburgh's beautiful menagerie, in Chestnut street, is a huge tawny Asiatic lion. His room-mate is a black female tiger. The tiger is small, compared to the regal lion, but is highly valued as a zoo logical curiosity, and the only specimen of the black tiger in this country. She was purchased by Mr. Van AmburgMr. Van Amburgh some two years ago, and has lived with the lion ever since.--The attachment between the two is something remarkable. When other animals are in the same cage, and any affront is offered to the little tiger, she runs under the belly of the lion, and woe be to the animal that dares approach her. No matter how hungry he may be, the lion never touches his share of their daily meat until his little chum has selected her share, and even this he never entirely consumes until certain that she has eno