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uth Carolina & Co., over the small balance of the world.--While the Stars and Stripes wave over the remainder of the United States, let them never be lowered to satisfy the caprice of a factious and fractious mob of Southern fanatics. Never, Never, Never. Action of the Kentucky Legislature. We have news from Kentucky of the passage by the House, by a vote of 54 to 40, of the resolutions reported by the Special Committee on Federal Relations — the same having passed the Senate on the 1st, by a vote of 25 to 11.--The following is the third resolution: Resolved, That as this General Assembly has made an application to Congress to call a National Convention to amend the Constitution of the United States, and requested the Legislatures of all the other States to make similar applications, and has appointed Commissioners to meet those which have been appointed by the State of Virginia, and such as may be appointed by other States, at a designated time and place, to consider,
April, 4 AD (search for this): article 1
dence of the sincerity and good faith of our propositions for an adjustment and an expression of devotion to the Union, and desire for its preservation, Kentucky awaits with deep solicitude the response from her sister States. "on the fourth Wednesday in April next, to take into The fourth resolution of the series provides that when the Legislature adjourns, it will meet "on the fourth Wednesday in April next, to take into consideration the responses of our sister States to the propositifourth Wednesday in April next, to take into consideration the responses of our sister States to the proposition for a National Convention, and the then condition of the nation, and to adopt such measures as may be proper, and the interests of Kentucky may require." A parting. The wives and children of the soldiers at Fort Sumter, who arrived in New York Wednesday on the Marion, have been sent to Fort Hamilton. A letter from one of the passengers on the Marion says: "On Sunday, the 3d inst., as the Marion was proceeding down Charleston harbor, having on board amongst the passengers the
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