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February 22nd (search for this): article 1
emarks, in which he also dwelt upon the glories of the past; but said that his constituents, smarting under the wrongs of the Black Republican party, were prepared to resist. Mr. Woods' resolutions were then referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Washington's birthday. Mr. Carlile said that as the Committee on Federal Relations would not probably be prepared to report before Monday, previous to which there was not much necessity for debate; and to-morrow being the 22d of February, when, he presumed, some of us would like to have an opportunity to read the Farewell Address of the Father of his Country, he would offer the following resolution: Resolved, That when this Convention adjourn, it adjourn to meet again on Monday next. Mr. Fisher moved to amend by inserting "Saturday" in the place of Monday. Mr. Hall, of Wetzel, was opposed to adjourning over at all. It was rumored that the Peace Conference was about to conclude its labors, and he thought no
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