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Abraham Lincoln 12 0 Browse Search
Douglas 11 9 Browse Search
House 10 0 Browse Search
Rio 10 0 Browse Search
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county, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 8
Mysterious Affair. --A gentleman of Prince George county, Va., furnishes the Petersburg Express with the following mysterious occurrence: "One of my neighbors called on me to-day, having with him four peach seed, which, from their appearance, are evidently the seed of peaches that grew last year, and fell to the ground, where they remained until the fruit rotted, laying the seed bare. "After exhibiting the seed, my visitor related the following singular narrative: He said that two young ladies, his daughter and a niece, occupied a sleeping apartment in an upper-story of his dwelling, and immediately over a chamber in which his wife and himself slept. Several nights since, after the girls had retired to bed, they heard something fall upon the floor of their room, the noise resembling that produced by the fall of nuts, each dropping separately. Upon getting up and procuring a light they discovered these peach seed. Every night since the first, these seed have continu