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United States (United States) 42 0 Browse Search
G. N. Lincoln 29 1 Browse Search
Maryland (Maryland, United States) 28 0 Browse Search
Fort Pickens (Florida, United States) 20 0 Browse Search
Georgia (Georgia, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Abraham Lincoln 14 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Annapolis (Maryland, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Richmond (Virginia, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Virginia (Virginia, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
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Flora Temple and Princess matched. --These famous mares are matched to trot again on the third Tuesday in May. The race is to be mile heats to wagons, best three in five, for a stake of $250 a side. It has not yet been decided over what course the old competitors will join issue.