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ny appeal which might be made to them. Committees might be appointed in every community of our land to collect contributions from the "willing-hearted." and it should be sent now while the communication is open and easy. By reference to the book of Exodus, chapters 35 and 32, you will see how the children of Israel sacrificed their golden ornaments for the sake of building the golden calf and the tabernacle. Could we not do the same to save our country? In "Pinnock's Goldsmith's Rome" there is the following instance of love to one's country: "Those vessels, therefore, of gold and silver, which their luxury had taken pride in, were converted into arms. The women parted also with their ornaments, and even cut off their hair to be converted into strings for their bows."--Page 166. I have thought, Messrs. Editors, that this would be an effectual mode of filling our shallow Treasury. Will you consider it? If it be worth anything, it is worth much. I am, very respectfully, Ago.
June 4th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 5
[for the Richmond Dispatch.]a plan to raise means to carry on the war. Norfolk, June 4th, 1861. Now, that we are so much in want of money to defray the expenses which ever accompanies a war, there can be no doubt in the patriot's mind in regard to the fact that we should be willing and ready to lay all our goods upon the altar of this oppressed country. As I know of a very good way to raise money — a plan which has never before been suggested — I thought it well to give you my opinion upon the means, requisite for raising a large quantity of money, and ask you to develop the ideas in your own language. I am not capable of doing so myself, else I would save you the trouble. The plan is this: For all families in the country who own silver plate, to give, and that soon, all their unnecessary silver — all that is not essential to their comfort — to the Secretary of the Treasury; he to send it to the Southern mints, to be coined for the use of the Government. A moment's