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United States (United States) 28 0 Browse Search
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Missouri (Missouri, United States) 14 0 Browse Search
Quath Echo 14 0 Browse Search
Dan (China) 14 0 Browse Search
George Jackson 14 0 Browse Search
Maryland (Maryland, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Don Bacilto Benavides 10 0 Browse Search
George Davis 10 0 Browse Search
Virginia (Virginia, United States) 8 0 Browse Search
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Maryland (Maryland, United States) (search for this): article 31
[Communicated]to the patriot capitalists of Virginia and Maryland. Your States have become the theatre of civil war, your forth and harbors are in the hands of the enemy, and there are none who know not that they must remain thus subject so long as the waters giving access from sea remain in their hands. It is equally plain that while the Chesapeake is subject to the Federal Navy, your States must constitute the great battle field on which, in dissolution and blood this great strife is to be fought out. We may drive the foe in headlong flight, until his foot no longer pollutes our soil, but the wave of invasion will flow again, and while we bar the approach upon our Northern border, hosts will be thrown upon our Southern beach, and your base of operations, sapped and cut by columns marching from the strongholds, will compel your armies to fall back, and thus the tide of war will ebb and flow until exhaustion seizes one or both of the combatants. It is palpable, then, that it is
Walter D. Blair (search for this): article 31
eers and intelligent civilians, and it has been approved, with scarcely an exception. The model explanatory of its action, and its inventors, is in your midst, ready to explain and unfold the plan of operation. He proposes that the citizens of Virginia and others shall form a joint stock association for the purpose of carrying out the programme. If this plan promised only possible attainment, it should, in view of the vast results expected, and our great necessities, secure attention and patronage; but when its success is not only possible and probable, but certain, what must be the infatuation of a people that would induce them to neglect it. Should this appeal reach the eye of any patriot, burning with desire to serve his country in this hour of her need. and who desires information on the subject treated of, let him apply at the store of Col. Walter D. Blair, corner of 8th and Main streets, where he will be placed in communication with those who are engaged in this enterprise.