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George Davis (search for this): article 7
ditures must be reduced while the war exists, and thus the country will be the better enabled to support the expenses of the war, which no reasonable estimate makes less than three hundred millions a year. The burden of this debt ought not to be thrown on the present generation, who suffer enough from the privations and calamities of the war; but upon posterity, who are to enjoy the calm that will follow this tempest. Nothing will probably be proposed in the coming Congress with a view to the restoration of peace. There are several members elect, however, who are avowed advocates of peace and Union. The plan of effecting a pacification by amendments to the Constitution has been put out of the question by the withdrawal of so many States that the amendments cannot be ratified. Congress will propose no truce with a view to negotiation, and President Davis says in his letter the Maryland committee, that though desirous of peace, he cannot renew an offer of negotiation.