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October, 11 AD 14 14 Browse Search
Harry Lee 14 0 Browse Search
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Pekin (Illinois, United States) (search for this): article 12
Puzzled Chinamen. --The special correspondent of the London Times gives an amusing account of attempts of the Chinese to work the engines of the Cormorant, the British vessel sunk last year in the Peiho. The Chinese, it seems, succeeded in raising the sunken vessel. They then built a boat, into which they transferred the Cormorant's engines. But, alas, they would not work, and no one could set them a going. So Sang-holin-sin sent down four watchmakers from Pekin. "You are accustomed to machines," said he, "set that barbarian machine to work, or I will cut off your heads." The unhappy watchmakers, succeeded in making the fires, and inducing the smoke to ascend through the funnel. This seems to have contented their taskmaster for, though the engines are not working, we have no account of the watchmakers' dissipation.