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Openshaw 13 11 Browse Search
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January 5th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 11
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Sales of land — preparing for War — large Appropriation, &c, &c. Amelia Co., Va.,Jan. 5th, 1861. Within a week or so two very large tracts of land have been sold in this county--one of a thousand acres for $9.25, and one of fifteen hundred acres for $8 per acre. A few months ago they would have brought at least one third more. There are three volunteer companies in the county, who are drilling every Saturday, and are much enthused with the prospect of having something to do before long by way of defending their native land. There is also a troop, eighty strong. The County Court has just arranged to raise $6,000 with which to obtain arms. This surely looks like there is something ahead. God only knows what that something is. It is, at all events, better to prepare for any emergency that may arise. Those are greatly mistaken who think our people a whit behind the politicians in feeling or the great issues before u