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Yankee Doodle 42 0 Browse Search
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Abraham Lincoln 30 0 Browse Search
North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) 22 0 Browse Search
Bull Run, Va. (Virginia, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Missouri (Missouri, United States) 14 0 Browse Search
England (United Kingdom) 12 0 Browse Search
Hezekiah Scott 12 0 Browse Search
Fort Pickens (Florida, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Wool 11 1 Browse Search
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J. Atkinson (search for this): article 10
Serious accident. --On Sunday afternoon an accident occurred at the granite quarry at the west end of Lexington street, just outside the city limits, by which the proprietor, Mr. J. Atkinson, was seriously injured, and narrowly escaped death. He had prepared a blast and applied the fuse, which caused an explosion before he could get out of the way. He was struck by a large piece of rock, which badly broke one of his logs. He was removed to his residence, near by where he received proper surgical attention.--Balt. Sun, 5th.