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The militia. Editors Dispatch:--Being a close reader of your excellent paper, and observing the zeal and patriotism which have characterized your unceasing endeavors to advance the interests of our infant Confederacy, and at the same time promote the comfort of our brave soldiers, I hope that you will not consider unworthy of a small space in your columns a few remarks addressed to the militia of our State. Last spring, Lincoln's call upon Virginia for a few thousand men to crush out rebellion in the Southern States, was answered by not less than fifty thousand of as brave and resolute soldiers as the world ever saw, who, within one month of the tyrant's proclamation, stood upon our frontiers ready and anxious for the approach of the Northern mercenaries. Nowhere upon the page of history is recorded such burning patriotism, such universal devotion to the cause of freedom. Never can we sufficiently praise their heroism and courage, and thank them for the gallant manner in whic
nd it is but right and just that they be allowed to return to their homes, and afford the in "incible militia the opportunity and the privilege of striking for "God and their country." But, in order that they may become effective soldiers before they are required on the field, and thus prevent any discrimination in the efficacy of our arms, it seems to be an established fact that, unless they volunteer en masse previous to that time, a draft will be issued by the Executive about the last of February, giving them two months to become thoroughly drilled, and accustomed to handling the guns. Now, my object is to advise this strong arm of our country to begin immediately to make their preparations to leave home, and rally to the defence of the great Temple of Liberty, determined to drive back our ruthless and fanatical invaders, or perish in the attempt. And certainly there need be no fears about the result, when our destiny is confided to the trust of such men. But it appears to me