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Beauregard 21 3 Browse Search
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Maryland (Maryland, United States) 20 0 Browse Search
Missouri (Missouri, United States) 18 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 16 0 Browse Search
J. C. Fremont 14 0 Browse Search
Vienna (Virginia, United States) 13 1 Browse Search
Sterling Price 11 1 Browse Search
Osage (Missouri, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
October 18th 10 10 Browse Search
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Oriental (Oklahoma, United States) (search for this): article 6
ard one provision of the Constitution, in order to enable them to abolish, sooner or later, slavery in the Southern States; and by a regular, but rapid process, as far as the free States are concerned, the Constitution has been swept away, the rights of the States have been blotted out, till power has been consolidated, first, in the Federal Government, and next, in one department thereof, the liberties of the people have been taken from them, and instead of a Federal Republic, a worse than Oriental despotism rears its frightful form. So rapid has been the strides of the Revolution that we can scarcely realize its progress. It was only when the iron hand of the new Government was laid on our people, when the gates of its fortress-prisons had been closed on the first of those they had loved and trusted, when bristling bayonets and mercenary soldiers before their eyes and around their homes, reminded them of the decree of their subjugation, that they awoke in a consciousness of th
Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio (Ohio, United States) (search for this): article 6
What are we fighting for? [From the Louisville (Bowling Green) Carrier.] The war commenced by the people of the North against slavery was really a war against the Constitution and against the Government based on that instrument. Slavery was recognized in the Constitution; and directly and indirectly the right of the owner in his slave was fully guaranteed by it. Any interference, therefore, by the Federal Government with the institution of slavery, or with the right of the owner to his slave, was in violation of the Constitution; and as one violation of the Constitution acquiesced in would open the way for future interactions of it, it necessarily followed that the success of this anti-slavery movement would sweep away all the safeguards of the Constitution and leave the people of the country at the mercy of a bare majority, whose whims and caprices would be subject to no restraint.--The Constitution conferred upon the Federal Government no power to interfere with slavery