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Yesterday, a couple of boats which had been used for conveying information and supplies to the rebels, were captured near Accotink. Information had been received by General Heintzelman, that for some time past communication had been kept up between parties living in the woods near Mr. Vernon and the southwest shore of Mason's Neck, and that the boats employed for that purpose were secreted somewhere in the vicinity. One of the boats was the same in which a party of rebels had, in October last, crossed over and burned the boats belonging to people living in Accotink, which is a Union village. During the afternoon a fish house on Mason's Neck, which has served as a depot for the articles smuggled over for the rebels, was observed to be in flames. From the Lower Potomac. The New York Herald has the following note of affairs on the Lower Potomac: The steamer Hecla, a Philadelphia, boat, which on her last trip up with stores, &c., about a week ago, had ninety-fiv
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